Nikhil Pryadarshi, the absconded accused of sexual exploitation of a girl; and his father, Krishn Bihari, former IAS(Bihar and Uttarakhand), both  have been arrested on Wednesday by Bihar police . Both were hiding in a guest house under Laxmanpur police station in Paudigarhwal and are being taken to transit to Patna.
Bihar police was informed that Nikhil priydarshi who is accused of running high profile sex racket and exploiting Dalit girl sexually was hiding in Uttrakhand with his father. Bihar police contacted with Uttrakhand police to trace the location of hide out. The police team arrested them from guest house at Paudigarhwal.
The girl had lodged by name complaint against Brajesh Pandey, Nikhil Priydarshi, Manish Priyadarshi, Krishn Bihari and Sanjeet Sharma at Buddha colony police station.
According to the victim, Nikhil’s friends began to lewd talk with her. She proposed to marry him to safe. Nikhil’s attitude kept on rough day by day. He manhandled her in tied condition; he injured her private body part. Eventually the victim registered the case on 22 December 2016 in this connection.

The daughter of former minister had told, exposing the matter, that she came close after the acquainted through whatsapp and facebook. Later they began their conversation on phone.
After the talk he requested her to meet him, and both began to meet each other. a few days later Nikhil established illicit relation with her forcefully  and shoot her video, then began to blackmail her.
When the victim complaint to Nikhil’s father about the incident, his father also threatened her, and said that the police were in his pocket.
Nikhil sent subsequently her to Brijesh Pandey, congress leader.
Pandey took her to a flat at boring road where he mixed a cold drink by drug, fed the cold drink her; after her being fainted he shoot her obscene video.

When the victim protested this misconduct there after being in consciousness, he threatened, showing her, to be viral the video footage.
The victim told that they run sex racket. They talked to supply the victim into the flesh trade.
The police kept on protecting Nikhil instead of taking any action against him when the complaint was lodged in this matter.
Police was aware that Nikhil was going to Air port to flee from state, but it did not take any action.
The victim voiced up to chief minister, but he assured the accused would be arrested within three days.
The victim, on being failed in her pursuance, wrote a letter to the PM and the president and asked to take action against the accused.
She also complaint to women commission, but it was futile. She also tried to commit suicide seeing no natural justice.

The congress Bihar vice president, Brijesh Pandey, together Nikhil Pridarshi, son of retired IAS officer, were running a sex racket. The matter was exposed after the enquiry on complaint of daughter of a former minister.
The investigating SIT has dubbed correct the case over Pandey to begin in this connection. 

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