Personnel wrote in diary before suicide – better die than court-martial!

The shrouded mystery of Roy Mathew’s suicide case can be solved. Actually, a diary has been recovered from his possession, which has write-up that it is better die than the Court martial. The diary has been recognized as a suicide note.
Mathew apologized even in this diary to his family members and the wife. According to the information, Mathew had talked on phone his wife before his suicide attempt. Police is investigating about the written facts in the diary.
It is noticeable that the tormenting allegation on the officers in a sting operation of news channel, Matthew’s body was found in a lonely place in the cantonment area of Maharashtra on Thursday.
The statement of army is that the personnel committed suicide because of the 'guilt conscience' on the allegation of officers in the 'sting operation' covered by Maratha news channel. The police can quiz the journalist who had done the sting.
Army has released a statement that the prima facie probe reveals that the journalists had shoot the video during the questioning of personnel’s inadvertently. He said: it seems that, to criticize the officers or to tell a bogus talk to the unidentified person, which had made the personnel hapless to take such drastic step after 'guilty conscience'.

Mathew had disappeared from his camp in cantonment area exactly after the video being viral. Mathew had told the junior level personnel as assistant, and had said that, to do the personal work of senior officers, he was compelled.

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