police can perform if it is free from political interfere

      In case the police arrest the accused, the politicians say is that it is their government when police play in discipline. Oh! These policemen are the government servant who serve the public and come from public. Please forgive these policemen from the dirty politics, so that they can perform their duties.
           Mr Gayatri Prajapati, former minister of state, was arrested after a long hunt, it may be said the police was biased and was protecting him; the BJP MLA, what about will like to say,  the encounter of terrorist they did. Is it  a lapse of police department?              No it was done when the model code of conduct was effective in the state  and no political parties could influence the UP Police. Police have proved its working genre, and only if the politician will not interfere, the resulting consequences will be better than ever expected.
           We are  going to end of second decade of twenty first century and we are still not able to free the police from 'Political Puppet Play' and say the stink of castism emanating from police station.
Now the government may harass those who were deployed in police station by the previous government saying it those were  pro a community.
I think these policemen should be counted as an Indian; not the men of a community, but the men of discipline. The new government will assign the task in the public interest, and if found any lapse, then it must contemplate them under the scanner of disciplinary action. if they will not be pressurized, they will ensure better law and order in the state.


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