Rihai Manch demanded high level investigation over alleged encounter

RIHAI Manch has demanded a high level investigation in the wake of raising questions over alleged encounter.
It is noticeable that the UP police and ATS have gunned down a suspected terrorist hidden in a rented house situated at outskirt area of Lucknow on Wednesday this week.
Mohd Shueb, chairman Rihai Manch, said in a press release, “The question of doubts raised by the local people prove the police claim doubtful. He also alleged that the media reported accordingly police statement as news is a part of strategy to suppress the raising question on encounter.
He added that a video of alleged terrorist Saifulla’s kin is being run under this strategy, in which the parent is denying to take Safullah’s body for last rites because of their son was a terrorist.
His brother, Khalid, can be heard in the same video that so many higher officers executed this operation, it may have been right."
He said, “Which concludes that Safullah’s kin are convinced that this encounter was executed by higher officers, it real and his being a terrorist on this basis. The statement is either under police pressure or they are so innocent that he accepts it real.”
Mohd Shueb said:
  • The locals said that the boy was gentle and they would have him surrendered by the talks, but the ATS rejected their request. Did ATS not intend to arrest him alive?
  • Qayyum, neighbor of alleged terrorist, who recovered the house rent, was removed with the family from there to a secret place, why? Police did not think fit to disclose which information that Qayyum had possessed?
  •  ATS has claimed that Saifullah was hiding inside room of the house. The question is that how and from which direction, Saifullah was combating and firing over ATS, or ATS was firing over him? The question has its importance when there are no bullet marks over the wall and doors.
  • Why were the media and other people not allowed to enter inside the house then?
  • The alleged terrorist was present to solve the quarrel between the father and son around 2 o'clock afternoon when police reached in the rented neighbor house.
  • The question stands that he had duo negotiated before police. If he had been involved in terror activities and his accomplice had exploded a bomb in the train, to safe himself from police he should have distanced himself from there.
  • UP police was informed from MP that Safullah was a terrorist, but the question poses that, if they were unaware of his where about, how the police could target the same house,. According to the other neighbors, none of the policemen peeped in other house, or asked none anything about.
  • UP police is not able to tell about the alleged terrorist how was he involved in the train explosion at Jabri?

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