Sukma Killing; CRPF Personnel trusted on Woman's Double-Dealing

Killed soldier at Sukma in Chhatisgarh on 11 march 2017
The real cause behind the killing of a dozen of CRPF personnel in Sukma Chhatisgarh has been exposed. This disclosure has astounded CRPF. The officers are continued to talk excessively -- for them, whether the help to a victim in a jungle is now right or wrong!
Specially overhearing of a woman’s scream may be costly over them. Yet CRPF and state police both are searching that unidentified woman who had the appearance a little like this; age, between 20-25; colour, tawny; hair, long, round-mark on forehead, ear-pendent and language pure Hindi.
The Naxalite had besieged the CRPF in Jungle on 11th March very cleverly this month. In this encounter, the 12 CRPF personnel of 219 battalion were killed ; while 6 more were injured badly. 
IG Devendra Singh Chauhan to inspect had headed towards ground zero. Moreover Chauhan groped Naxalite's root into more than two dozen villages.
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister, has announced a 'Court of Inquiry' in this attack on CRPF. 
The CRPF is preparing the whole report on this incident. The injured personnel have been healthy now. The detail statements have been filed. The residents of adjoining villages from the incident spot have been quizzed; and some bystanders’ statement has been filed.
The police and the CRPF team are continued combing the Jungle to find that woman who had impersonated the important role to bring the CRPF personnel into target. 
It is being told that when the road opening party was on its routine patrolling and it was stepping ahead in it’s a specific order, a suspect woman, screaming from the jungle end, came towards these personnel. She, indicating by hands towards other end of the road, said that some people present there were imposing on her with forcefully .
The personnel trusted on the victim woman; and a few of them, breaking the advancing order, headed towards that direction where the woman had claimed the miscreants were present. 
These personnel were unaware with that there the Naxals were ready. Meanwhile the woman brought rapidly a personnel’s rifle downward the earth, the Naxalites attacked indiscriminately over CRPF personnel together. Sharp edge weapons attacks were also used over 3 personnel. 
No sooner would they take position, they were gunned down. It is suspicion that this woman, age about 25, was not of the Naxal group, but she was a normal woman.

CRPF has alerted its para military soldiers after this incident. They have been advised not to rely on any victims absolutely.

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