Supreme court has issued warrant to spoil my career and life:CS Karnan J. KOLKATA HC

Justice Karnan’s statement came on issuance of his NBW in the matter contempt for non-appearance before Supreme Court. He said, “I had sent a report to PM Modi, in which I had posed question of illegal activities of some judges. Supreme court took its cognizance without investigating the matter.”

Justice Karnan alleged that he is being victimized because of his SC caste. Karnan posed question on the collegium system of Supreme Court. The apex court has ordered him to be appear on 31st march this month.

AMAR SINGH, MP Rajyasabha
Amar Singh’s statement came on Akhilesh's indication to alliance with BSP on not gaining majority in Assembly poll.
He said, “Since last 30 years, Mayawati is in this effort to how Mulayam Singh and Shivpal Singh should be sent to jail. Does Akhilesh want to look his father in jail? He added even this, “Akhilesh wants all – Hathi, Hath and power. It is condition of fiasco and instability; it will result bad.” Targeting over Ramgopal supporter of Akhilesh, Amar Singh said him villain of groupism of Samajwadi party.

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