95% Indian Engineers after Academic Degree are not able to Work: Survey

It has been claimed by a survey that the 95% new engineers after completing its academic years are not able to develop software engineering. The survey indicates the shortage in the glimpse of talents in the IT and Data science of country.
Actually, 'Aspiring Minds Company' added to the assessing eligibility to employment has concluded it after its studies.
According to it, only 4.77% candidates can write perfect argument for any program where it is a least requirement for any programming employment.

More than 36000 engineering students were participants in Automata machine base assessment for software development skill of IT faculties of different 500 colleges and 2/3rd of these were not able to write exact code.
It is to tell, it has been revealed in studies that where more than 60% candidates were not able to write correct code, only 1.4% could write correct and effective code.
The firm says that the shortage of programming skill affects very much adversely over better environment for the IT and Data in India.
It is noticeable that India needs to step up in this field.
The world is going rapidly ahead in Software Programming and india has to heed over this issue.
CTO of 'Aspiring Minds' and Co-founder, Mr Varun Agrawal, said that the access of such lapse in eligibility of employment, indeed, can be seen only as academic base system instead of writing program on computer for various problems

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