Boat capsized in Libya; 97 people dead

Abdel Salem
According to the report, at least 97 immigrants have lost their lives after boarded on a boat which capsized near Libya seashore. The escape hope of disappeared persons is very thin.
Mr Ayub Qasim, the spokesperson of Libyan naval, told that the rescued persons from the boat told here that 15 women and 5 children comprised in the disappeared immigrants. Qasim said: the 10 kilometer away of seashore of Tripoli the accident took place where 23 immigrants were rescued from the sea. All these are the citizen of African countries. The bottom of boat was broken in this accident, he told. The persons who were rescued were stand in anyhow with the help of some buoyant things.
Qasim said that the hope of disappeared persons’ escape is very least. The search of drowned body cannot be taken out because of bad weather.

It is noticeable that after deposing the dictator general Gaddafi from power, the surge of deserting people grew in the country, and they are heading towards the Europe. The 590 refugees have died during an attempt to cross Mediterranean during this year, according to an international organization.

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