President rule in Kashmir is mere option

Mehbooba Mufti delayed 3 months time to take over the power of Jammu and Kashmir after death of the former chief minister and PDP leader Mufti Mohd Sayeed who made possible the alliance with BJP. The basic concern of Mehbooba was whether the BJP will move as her hope was or not, but Mehbooba is still experiencing that the BJP has more importance of national politics than Jammu and Kashmir.  the Union Government despite sharing power in the state neither mentioned soft attitude toward separatist organizations, nor it put a soft way to Pakistan -- it was being Mehbooba’s need.
The situation, which Mehbooba is facing there after her taking power in state, has brought her political reputation on the verge of collapse. The affect of presence among the people can be seen in the parliamentary by poll. The PDP’s mandate has declined sharply, and the polling percent was lowest there. The poll at Anantnag had to revoke. Now the PDP has written to the election commission to extend once again the election date.
The statements which are of BJP leaders against the Kashmir in Jammu Kashmir have bothered the PDP. This is the reason why Tasaduk Mufti, the PDP candidate from Anantnag Parliamentry constituency and Mehbooba’s brother, had said talking with a news paper a few days ago that the union government is not serious for Kashmir.
Mehbooba had expected after unrest in Kashmir during the year 2016 that the situation would improve in 2017; but it did not happen so and even the college students began to join the stone pelting. The colleges have been remained closed in Kashmir for the past one week and the tourism has badly affected this year.
Mehbooba is going to meet with the PM Modi in Delhi and will also hold a meet with home minister, Raj Nath Singh. Mufti will emphasis only on two issues during the talk.  the union government must have first to go ahead on talk process with Pakistan and separatist; second, the security forces must be appealed to deal with normaly the protesters in Kashmir. Mehbooba feels that the death and injuries of common men in the valley has grown the violence, which has worsen the situation in Kashmir. This is the cause why the efforts to maintain the peace in the state has been failed.
The BJP and union government is well familiar that, if it runs Kashmir complying with Mehbooba Mufti, it will face its adverse affect in the other states. This is the reason perhaps why the union government is now going to normalise the situation in Kashmir by imposing president rule, which is already a tested formula since past and have been proved rather successful.
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