Russia Metro Stations targeted: 10 killed, 50 inured

Two bombs exploded at metro station in Saint Petersburg  Russia on Monday evening this week. 10 people have been killed and more than 50, injured in this explosion according to report. The causalities of children have been reported. The death toll may rise in the blast. All the metro stations have been closed precautionary.
The trains at the metro stations of Saint Petersburg have been targeted. The smoke has engulfed inside the station. A chaotic situation created in the station after the explosion went off and 3 more nearby stations have been closed in the wake of these explosions.
According to information the explosions were so intense that the train's door blew up. IED has been used in these explosions. The scattered blood spots appear around metro stations..
The assailants targeted two metro stations. The explosion caused a cracks in the metro tunnel has been reported. The targeted stations were Sanaya square and Sanaya Ploshchad at St Petersburg. A huge security forces and many ambulances have been seen outside the stations.
President Putin has expressed his grief over this incident and consoled to the next kin of the killed in the explosion. He reacted: all the causes behind these explosions including terror attack shall be investigated.

In two suicidal attempts at Moscow in the year 2010, 40 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. The responsibility of those explosions was taken by Chechen rebels.

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