Two superpower of world is now face to face owing to chemical attack in Syria. The warship has been deployed into Syria by the Russia to defend the Assad government. Rex Tillerson, the foreign minister of America, has dubbed responsible to Russia for the chemical attack at the bases of rebel group. He said that the Russia was agreed upon this point that it would assure that the chemical storage be ended, but it never happened. Whether the world is on the door of 3rd world war or not is now point of assessing after being face-to-face both superpowers.
When the revolt had begun under the effect of Arab spring 6 years ago in Syria, the America had stood with the rebel group against Assad.. Israel always is looked behind Arab and NATO countries; namely, Britain, France, German including many other countries – all is seen behind America on international issues. Syria’s neighouboring country Turkey is already with America. Russia and Turkey are already escalating tension when it had targeted a Russian's plane on Syria border. The foreign ministers of G-7 members’ friend countries are meeting at Italy. The matter will be discussed here to how should maintain the pressure over Russia to distance it from Basar Al-Assad.
Michael Failan, the defense minister of Britain, dubbed the attack was right and limited. The Britain government upholds the American attack.Turkey president, Tayyip Erdogan, said it a proper response by America to the war crime in Syria.
Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, issue a statement, said the action was right.
France appears with America, but its position in Syria looks in doldrums. The French fighter planes, after the terror attack in Paris, targeted on ISIS bases in Syria; but when the tension escalates between Russia and America it looks with America.
Saudi Arabia, a Sunni majority country, is adamant to remove Assad like America. When 'the chemical weaponry use' were alleged, Arab was interested the intervention of America. But America did nothing so that annoyed it. Yet now these countries are doing the joint operation against ISIS in the leadership of America.
The government of Syria, Russia, and Iran appear to be in mood to response in condition of further American Airstrike. America has attacked last week on Syria airbase. American president Trump in his speech has said Syrian president a dictator. Russia, chief military assistant to Syria government, has dubbed these attacks America made on fabricated basis; and told it violated the international norms. Dmitri Peskov, spokesperson, has warned the former relationship is being deteriorated seriously. However Russian parliament Dumas has indicated that Russia will not intense its attack in response to American action.
Iran, pro Assad, has criticized American action.
China has expressed its concern over the deteriorating condition in Syria. The foreign ministry of China has said that it protests any use of chemical weapon in any condition by any country, person, or organization, but it is important that the Syrian situation must not be deteriorated.

India has not shown any stance clearly in the matter of Syria because India has been better relationship with America and Russia is an important assistant too. Syria has also been in relation with India traditionally. India has issued advisory to citizens who are going to travel to the Libya, Syria and other countries n middle east. India had been resort to the indifferent policy during cold war between USSR and America and did not join any group.

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