Syrian rebels vow to avenge of killings

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The rebels and including its former Al-Qaeda friend’s vow to avenge of killings of people by using unknown chemical gas and said to its companion fighters to intensify the combat.
Tehrir Al-sham Organization said via its on-line post that we have said to our Syrian fighters to intensify clash at the front. The statement reveals: we assure that we will comfort to the heart of our people commonly -- and specially in the attack hit areas of Khan Shekhun in Syria.
At least 58 people including 19 children in pre-dawn airstrike were killed in the north-western province Idlib city Khan Shaykhun. The most areas of the city are in possession of Tahrir al-Sham.
The world is startled after the chemical gas attack in Syria at Idlib province of , which is in possession of ISIS a terror group. The chemical weapons attack killed more than 100 of innocents including 11 children.
Heart-rending incident to the humanity has been strongly criticized by the UN and America including other countries. The viral images on social media after the chemical attack show the cry and the wail of people and children.

The chemical attack is understood a most hazardous and the use are fully prohibited under international law.

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