Tej Bahadur Yadav dismissed from service; why he did so?

Tej Bahadur Yadav, the armed force personnel, has been dismissed from the BSF service on Wednesday. The inquiry set up by the Union Government found that the image of BSF was tarnished because of Tej Bahadur Yadav. Oh no! A government department which was giving this man's annual character entry satisfactory since the last 20 years is now against him.
Every men are innocent; and Yadav's voice fails to prove the viral video.
Only after being uploaded the video of non-nutritious or stale food which had been serving to the armed personnel in eatery was surfaced later. This caused a big hue and cry.
Sharmila, Tej Bahadur's wife, dubbed this dismissal from service a wrong decision. she said that her husband had exposed the wrongdoing of BSF. The dismissal decision taken after his 20 years service is wrong.
Mr Tej Bahadur had alleged in the video that the qualities of food items, namely pulses and Parathas, were not worth to eat.
He had alleged that the armed personnel as often after abiding 11 hours duty were slept empty belly. Yadav had also claimed that the senior officers were bungling in provision of armed personnel's canteen.
The union home ministry took this complaint seriously, and had order an inquiry in this matter.
 The entrusted preliminary report to government over Yadav's allegations reveals that the allegations were fake, and it rejected it. However the final report is still awaited. But, during the inquiry, none of the personnel confirmed the Yadav's allegations.

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