Theory of entanglement connected identical DNA in close relation

Indian consecration has been always watchful for the marriage purpose. According to Hindu tradition the bride and the groom should be of different Gotra(FAMILY). If the Gotras are same; the bride and the groom are dubbed as sister and brother.
So the Hindu religion also follows the guidelines as that has been instructed in our tradition. Of the same Gotras of the bride and the groom belong; the new generation of the parent may have different chronic diseases.
How the entanglement of nature works between two same Gotras.
 The latest case of a couple who were trying to conceive were two adopted twins of a parent. Nowadays the life style of any couple can create difficulties to conceive, but the case is fully astounding.
An American couple, after many attempts, they were fail to conceive; so both had checked-up by doctors. Even the couple’s DNA was tested. The DNA test surfaced many surprising facts.
Actually, the DNA test emerged that the couple who had the want of child were twins. Yes, both were already sister and brother. It is a point of surprise how it is possible. The story is as follows.
The couple reached to the clinic named Jackson at missipi in the hope of a child. The doctors disclosed the facts there during the treatment of couple and told the whole story.
According to the doctors, “we don’t test DNA in the matter of conceiving, but there were seen many similarities in couple’s DNA after the test."
Doctors thought that both might be cousin -- so such similarities were found, but, as the other tests were checked, the result of samples surprised the doctors; both had various similarities in profile.
Both have identical past. Both of them have same date of birth and time ; both have in the identical appearance look, however doctors were unaware of this fact whether the couple were familiar of their twins relation or not.
Further investigation revealed that both met each other in college and fall in love, but their parents were killed in car accident and both were sent to orphanage in their childhood. Both of them were adopted by two different families; and were never told that they were twins
When they met with doctors, they were told, “You are twins.” Both did not believe the statement, and they laughed.
They stated that many people had told them about their similarities, but they assumed it an event.

After knowing this truth, they connected themselves and found their childhood was identical. They were adopted from orphanage after the death their parent. According to the doctors, it was a first such case in career.

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