YOGI Government tightened over Private Schools' Arbitrary-norms

Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
Government of Uttar Pradesh has reined in the arbitrary functioning of private schools. the education department is now in stern action. The district inspector of school in Lucknow has begun the action against the private schools.
According to Mr Umesh Tripathi,DIOS Lucknow: the private schools will be now reinforced. The parents can lodge FIR against those who will fetch fees arbitrarily. If the guardians ask, the school will reply inevitably how many students study in school; how many teachers are teaching them; and how much salaries are paid to those teachers?
Two bookstalls of private schools have been sealed on Monday where the schools were selling it stubbornly. The private publishers’ books which are available in some specific shops will be prevented. Only NCERT books will be run by the schools. The guardians can buy it wherever they desire.
ACs and Building charge will not be collected. He added that the guardians can know the cause of enhancement in fees. Not only will this, the ACs, the building charges and magazine charge is illegal. If school built the building and attaches the ACs, all these are its own properties -- and any schools can charge its maintenance only.

According to the education department, the norms will be fixed to decide the fees of private schools. The teachers’ salaries, seeing the money available in maintenance fund, the numbers of students in school – all these facts will be consider collecting the fees. None of the schools will be used as commercial purpose. The books and the dress in the school premises cannot be sold. The school premises cannot be used as the marriage booking premises.

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