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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nandini From Karnataka Secure Top Rank In Indian Civil Service 2016

By on Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Union Public Service Commission has announced the result of civil service examination 2016. Nandani KR has scored top rank in this exam; While Anmol Sher Singh Bedi and G Ronaki has secured the second and the third place respectively.
The examination was held during December 3 to 9 in two session last year. In the final result 1099 students were selected and of which 500 candidates are from general category; while from OBC are 347; and 163 from SC category and 89 from ST category who have passed this examination.
180 for IAS, 45 for IFS and 150 for IPS have been selected; moreover this, for central group A services, 603 and for group B services 231 have been selected.
Top 10 Roll numbers…
1-0134810 Nandani KR
2- 0561724 Anmol Sher Singh Bedi
3- 0147866 Gopal Krishn Ronaki
4- 0014451 Saumya Pandey
5- 0656401 Abhilash Mishra
6- 0032405 Kothamassoo Dinesh Kumar
7- 0583119 Anand Vardhan
8- 0559310 Shweta Chauhan
9- 0384935 Suman Saurav Mohanti

10- 0000823 Bilal Mohiuddin Butt

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yogi's ignoring rises crime in UP

By on Tuesday, May 30, 2017
The questions over the failure of law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh after the incidents like Saharanpur and Bulandshahr began to rise. A video of eve teasing with girls from Rampur on Sunday has surfaced, after that  SP MLA and former cabinet minister, Mr Azam Khan targeted over Yogi’s government.
He said taunting over Yogi’s Government that whatever happened in Rampur is not an astounding to such an incident. He continued how many rapes, murders and loots cases occurred in present government is not astounding thing.
Samajwadi party leader, Azam Khan even rounded up Yogi’s government over the rape and loot on Bulandshahar road in Zewar at NOIDA.
Azam Khan said after the accident of bulandshahr, everybody must try to let his wife safe stay in home.
Azam continued that the girls must evade such places where go on immodesty.
He taunted over the BJP government and said that he would like to say Yogi Ji thanks; for the crime rates are rising to this extent because of Yogi's ignorance.

A video of open molestation with girls in the afternoon at Rampur has been surfaced. On a lonely place, 5-6 philanders clutched two girls and began to molestate. In another incident of NOIDA,a few miscreants abducted to the boarded family over a car looted the family; and the women boarding on the car accused the rape incident.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pune police dragged TV channel reporter in van

By on Monday, May 29, 2017
Sharad Dubey; Pune
The journalists nowadays are facing tough time because the freedom of expression is so vulnerable that nobody has respect for it. The correspondent of a TV channel was dragged, holding shirt’s collar in hands, by police and was taken into van by beating him badly in Tehsil Ambey Gaon of district Pune.
The journalists while going for coverage of a story on Sunday noon, saw a body lying on road side of road, they began to shoot the surroundings picture. The sub inspector said to go aside immediately the journalists from the incident spot. The police and the journalists both began to verbal fight; but instead to redress the matter, the police officers misbehaved with the journalists; began the thrashing with a TV channel journalist; dragged him into the police van; and said, “I register a murder case over you.” Many other journalists were present there during this incident and police misbehaved with these journalists.
The journalist was under police custody in Ambey Gaon police station till 12 hours after this happening. The police has alleged that the journalists created hurdle into government work. The journalists have accused the police; both the parties are adamant on their statements that the police, without asking who they were, misbehaved them.

It is noticeable that many such reports against the police of tormenting to journalists have surfaced earlier. It is not here but in the different parts of country, it has been reported the barbaric act of police. The police, who talk of law’s power, understand themselves above the law.

8 People killed in Mississippi firing

By on Monday, May 29, 2017
Sheriff's deputy including 8 people in a firing incident killed at Mississippi in America on Sunday. The suspect has been arrested.
Warren Stran, Investigation Bureau Mississippi, said that the firing took place in 3 separate houses in Lincon County a rural area on Saturday. Two houses are at Brook haven and another is in Bog Chitto. The area is 109 kilometers away from the capital Jackson in South.

Stran added that the investigators are collecting the evidences from all the 3 places. He said that the charges have not been framed so far against the suspect man who has been arrested from Brook haven. The talk about the firing will be hurry to discuss.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pakistan condemns killing of Hijbul Millitants in Kashmir

By on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pakistan over the killing of Hizbul Top Commander, Sabzar Ahmad, including other militants has condemned, and it called for intervention to the international Human Rights Organisations and UN.
Foreign affair adviser to Pakistan, Sartaz Aziz, and alleging murder over India extra-judicially, said that India killed 12 Kashmiri youths since Friday in Poolwama and Tral. 3 of them have been killed extra-judicially, as so has been done in many attempt in recent days..
Aziz requested to international communities to stop immediately India for the ruthless murdering of hapless Kashmiris.
It is noticeable that Sabzar was gunned down with his two accomplices during 4 hours encounter after besieging them in a village, Soimoh, in Tral town under Poolwama district on 28th of morning. He was announced Burhanwani’s successor, who has been killed on 8th July last year.
In another incident the army had gunned down 6 terrorists at the time when they were trying to cross the LoC at Rampur Sector in Baramulla district on Saturday.
After Hizbul commander Sabzar Bhat and militants killing, the separatist forces in J&K have called a Bandh for two days against using force over the protestors in the valley.
It is noticeable that a march up to Tral is going to be organized on 30 May in Pulwama District of South Kashmir to pay tribute to the killed militants.
Actually during encounter between security forces and militants, a civilian, came in combat range, was allegedly killed; while 30 people were injured during clash between security forces and protestors in different part of valley.

The presidents of Both groups of Hurriat Conference, and JKLF chief Yasin Malik issued a joint statement, “we condemn the using force over the blank hands people, which resulted injuries of 100 people. We announce a Bandh for two days of Kashmir.” The separatists have said people to reach Tral in huge numbers to pay tribute to the killed militants.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

At least 25 Coptic Christian killed and 26 injured in Egypt

By on Saturday, May 27, 2017
The hidden face gunmen in military uniform fired over a bus carrying Coptic Christians in middle Egypt on Friday. At least 26 people were killed and 25 were injured badly. Most of the deceased are children. It is second big attack over Christian community within two months.
The bus was heading towards 250 Kilometer away Anba Samuel Monastery situated in South Minia Governorate. The home ministry told that the gunmen were boarded over 3 vehicles.
Ministry said that 26 Christian died in this attack and 25 other were injured. The witnesses said that the killed people are mostly children.
According to the report, the assailants were numbered 8 to 10 who were in military uniform. The security personnel are searching the assailants. No organizations have yet taken the attack responsibility.
Coptic Christians have faced such many attack in the country in recent months, which responsibility terrorists of Islamic state has taken.
at least 46 people were killed in two suicidal attack targeting churches on 9th April last month Tanta and Alexandria. 25 people were killed in an attack over Coptic Church at Kahira last December.

KPS Gill ex-Police Officer Well Known for His Services -- Died!

By on Saturday, May 27, 2017

He breathed his last in Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. His name will be remember forever in Indian history. Yes, well known as super cops, Kanwar Pal Singh Gill, police officer, died on his 82 years age onFriday this week.
  • KPS Gill, in his 24, had joined Indian Police Service. Gill was deployed in Assam Meghalaya cadre. He was in concept that he was to work independently, so he chose Assam-Meghalaya cadre. if he had chosen Punjab cadre (his home state), he would have done nothing independently because of political interference.
  • KPS Gill was in limelight for his aggressive policies and terrorism elimination in Punjab. It is interesting that Gill never participated in any encounter during his one decade tenure in Assam.
  • He was in fame for his love of branded whisky. In spite of different thinking during the decade of 1960 -70, he was seen taking whisky drink with the seniors of All Assam Student Union.
  • KPS Gill is well known Kamrup Police Superintendent Gill for his stiff policies in the district Kamrup at Assam.
  • KPS Gill wanted to build a cottage in the hill town of North – East province in attraction of natural beautiful panorama of Shillong. However after his deployment in Border Security Force in 1984, he had to hard to go ahead with his own idea. Later he had built a cottage in Shimla because of his distances from North-East where he passed his summer vacation every year.
  • A party was hosted by home secretary in 1988. He was alleged for misbehaving with a woman senior IAS during this party. The lady was working as finance secretary. Gill was convicted for patting her ass after 17 years in this case.
  • Indian Olumpic Association suspended HIF after the allegations of corruption in the Federation of Indian Hockey in the leadership of KPS Gill in 2008. Suresh Kalmandi had then said that there is much respect to Gill, but it is not personal matter.
  • He was felicitated Padma Shri for his important role in Civil Services in 1989.
  • The then chief minister of Gujrat, Narendra Modi after 2002 Gujrat riot appointed security adviser of state to Gill. Gill to deal with the violence had recommended appointing of 1000 additional well trained police personnel. Gill was appreciated to control the violence in Gujrat. Gill blamed on 3rd May 2002 to a small group accuse to spill the violence.
  • Chhatisgarh government asked the help to deal with the Naxals in 2006 as security adviser. 55 policemen were killed by Naxal attack in 2007. Gill said on this attack that the matter was because of flaw spreading in the police force.the government policies were then to leave Adiwasis’ area and because of this, Naxals established their strong hold. He said to eliminate Naxal would take time, but it could be won
  • However he told in an interview to Rajasthan Patrika that the chief minister of Chhattisgarh had said to him, “get salary and enjoy it.”
  • KPS Gill used to publish a magazine name ‘Fault Line’, and run an organization named 'Institute of Conflict Management'. Gill has written a book named ‘The Knights of Falsehood’.
  • KPS Gill spoke openly and his statements gave birth to the controversies in many attempt. Reacting on the murder of Beant Singh, Gill had said once which unbearable loss the political atmosphere and development of Punjab sustained that had not given the right to forgive Balwant Singh Rajoana.
  • It was first time when the Indian hockey team could not qualify for Olampic in 2008 after 1928. One of the11 vice presidents, Nrendra Batra, in Federation of Indian Hockey had resigned from his post saying it's a defeat.
  • Batra had blamed the defeat was the result of Gill’s dictatorship attitude and requested all the members of Federation to resign. Gill in his counter reaction said to these person ‘professional lamenting’ and had said that there were no coffee machine which could give result promptly. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

35 people were killed in American attack over Syria

By on Friday, May 26, 2017

At least 35 people may have been killed in an air strike launched by America over east Syria hide outs of ISIS strong hold area. The claim came by Human Right Organization on monitoring attacks.
The Syrian Human Right Observatory said that on Thursday there were serial attacks on Residential Buildings in Mayadeen City of Oil Rich province Deyer Ajor in Syria.
The Chief of Organization Abdel Rehman told,” 26 relatives of ISIS fighters are included in the killed people in whom there are women and children of Moroccan and Syrian Origin.
The organization Official said,’’ The public death toll rises in this attack to 50 in the past two days.” On Wednesday 15 people had died by similar attacks. According to Organizational Report it is first time when the people's death toll is maximum within a week by the allied Countries attack over Syria since 23 September, 2014.

This Year within 1 month 23 April to 23 May, 225 people has been killed in the attacks of Allied Countries. The pentagon has accepted in its report that 105 people had been killed in Mosul in the counter Jehadi attacks. The US force has said that the 352 people have been killed so far in the airstrike launched by the allied countries since year 2014.

US leaked secret identity of attacker

By on Friday, May 26, 2017

A suicidal bomb exploded in crowd 10 thousand people after a pop concert ended at Manchester. It’s a second big terror attack after 12 years in Britain.
22 people were killed and more than 59 were injured in this attack when the explosive wore man blew up himself in huge crowd.
 American Rock Star Ariana Grnte's concert was held at Manchester Foyar.
According to police, when the gathering's exit was continued at the concert, the assailant targeted the crowd. No Indian was trapped in the casualty.
Manchester that has been a witness of daily amusement became the target of terror attack; nobody can imagine it.
 Whatever happened on Tuesday morning this week was dreadful.
The people from the insensible panic were trying to escape, and the fearing face was enough to narrate the whole story of their grief. A few of them were searching their kin among the corpse.
The injured were rushed to hospital. An assailant body was recovered from the incident spot, so the Manchester police presumed the attack to be a suicidal attempt. While a special team of police is investigating the matter; actually it is trying to confirm about whom else was involved in hatching conspiracy with the assailant.
The outskirt areas of Manchester city sealed after the blast. None of the terror group has taken yet the responsibility of blast, but the IS is suspected. The IS supporters on social media pasted photo and were celebrating this attack; resulting this celebration the investigating agencies are assuming that there may be the hand of the IS behind this attack.
The explosion went off in Manchester Arena when Ariana Grandey’s pop singing was going on during the concert. The concert was going on Monday night. The police told that it got the call of bomb explosion at 10.35 evening. There was a huge crowd in the concert. The explosions sounds were heard at this time. A panic spread nearby. Arena was evacuated exactly after the blast.
Grandy spokesperson has told that she was safe. The plying of train from the Manchester Victoria station was halt. It was reported that the blast took place near Arena window.
The British government resented over the American leak of secret information related to Manchester attack. British officers scolded to their American counterparts for the shared information leaked about Manchester attack. The home secretary of Britain, Amber Rudd, scolded officers of American home ministry and other secret agencies. Actually these departments had disclosed the identity of attacker and other investigated material to the media, which they were delivered from Britain.
However New York Times gave impression to the photograph which had the scene of remains at the spot where bomb exploded. it appears clearly that the photographs were taken by Britain police and these were shared by Britain to the American officers. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Youth tied over jeep bonnet resulted saving of several lives: says major Gogoi

By on Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Major Leetul Gogoi who used a youth tying as a shield ahead of Jeep to deal with stone throwers in Kashmir appeared first time before the Media, and narrated the whole incident. Gogoi said that, if we had not tied man on the bonnet of jeep, many men would have been killed on the spot.

Major Leetul Gogoi, National Rifle, has been awarded a citation sheet for this incident from Army Chief. Police has registered FIR against him in Kashmir. He recalls that day and has told that they were informed about the besieged polling station by 1200 people in Gondipura on 10 o’clock morning, and they were trying to set on ablaze this station by petrol bomb..
He continued that as they reached there with the quick response team, the crowd began the stone pelting over convoy. He saw a man who was arousing to the crowd of stone pelting -- and the stone throwing was going on under his leadership. He followed him, then the man began to flee, but his team got the success to catch him.

Major Gogoi said that As he caught that youth, the stone pelting stopped; and hence they reckoned the idea that, if the convoy had to be out with the safe passage among the crowd and had not to use any force over crowd, they would make the man shield. Major said that, if he did not do so and adopted the way of firing, many casualties might have happened."

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

He murdered friend's family; gets friend released on parole to search; and killed him

By on Tuesday, May 23, 2017
A land-grabber, named Bunty, has been arrested in the murder case of Munawar Hassan Chaudhary, property dealer of Delhi.
The man was nabbed with the help of surveillance. Bunty has disclosed that he is the man who had killed Munnawar Hassan’s family. After the killing he buried Munnawwar’s wife and children in separate places.
On parole from jail, Munnawar Hassan's body was recovered from the first floor room of his home in Buradi area of Delhi on Saturday. He was killed by bullet injury in forehead. Actually Munnawwar’s family was disappeared since last many days, so he came out on parole for searching his family.
many teams of Delhi police was working to solve this matter after the body recovered. Bunty, land grabber’s name, was figured behind this murder. Bunty had been Munnawwar’s business partner. Some dispute between them was for the payment of money.
Police began The search operation after receiving these information, but there were no information for his whereabouts. Police had connected Bunty's cell number on surveillance; consequently Bunty was in police dragnet eventually. As the police quizzed with forcefully, whatever he exposed was astounded police after listening.
According to the information, accused, Bunty, confessed during the enquiry that he had buried, after murdering, at a place named Dulara during Munawwar’s wife and two daughters going from Meerut to Haridwar.  He first murdered Munnawwar’s wife and two daughters, then he killed Munnawwar’s two sons in Buradi area on next day and buried them.
After the exposing of this case, police is going to exhumed the dead bodies after the confirmation of burial places. The murder mystery of Munnawwar has exposed after the police enquiry. Bunty had given Munnawwar 20 lakh Rupee. The running cause behind this dispute was money matter. A verbal fight between both had taken place before the murder; exactly after it he shot at Munnawwar.
Munnawwar and Bunty both were carried property business in Buradi area of Delhi. Munnawwar was the BSP member. He had once gone in fray for election on BSP ticket. Munnawar was in jail for a rape case and he, recently, had been out on parole by the help of Bunty because of Munnawwar’s family disappearance since 21 April last month.

Munnawwar, going with Bunty to the police station, had lodged complaint of family disappearance. As he returned back home, Bunty and he both had fought verbally over the money, and Bunty shot over Munnawwar. After killing, Bunty had called police and given the unidentified person’s injury information to the police, and fled from the crime scene. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Framed in Sabarmati Express blast case accused acquitted

By on Sunday, May 21, 2017
Mohd Ather;Barabanki
This AMU scholar and suspected member of Hizbul Muzahideen, Guljar Ahmad Wani, has been acquitted by Barabanki Lower Court in the case of hatching conspiracy for Sabarmati Express blast in the year 2000. The court in the lack of evidence has ordered to release Wani and co-accused Mobin, according to the defendant lawyer.
Guljar Ahmad Wani, hails from a well qualified family of Srinagar and his father has been a government officer. He was 28 years when he was arrested and the student of PhD in Arabic in Aligarh Muslim University Uttar Pradesh.
The defendant lawyer, MS Khan, told that Additional Session Judge, MA Khan, acquitted both from all the framed charges. The prosecution had been failed to prove any of the charges framed against him.
Delhi police had arrested Wani with the alleged explosive and objectionable materials in the year 2001.
He is the resident of Peeparkari area of Srinagar and is in Lucknow jail at present.
He was charged of the blast which was carried out pre-evening of Independence Day was in the train running from Muzaffarnagar to Ahmedabad. The 9 people were killed in this blast.
Ahmad, resident of Srinagar, has been behind the bars more than 16 years.
Delhi police had arrested him from the New Delhi railway station in July 2001 exactly after one year of blast on Sabarmati Express in August 14th, 2000.
He had been framed of charges in 11 cases of different cities including Agra and Kanpur, and other areas of Delhi.
The court has acquitted already from many other charges. The High Court Lucknow Bench had denied Wani’s bail application, saying it on 26th August that the releasing of such people will affect the social interests adversely. Wani had challenged the court order in Supreme Court.
The Apex Court had issued direction to the lower court to cross- examine the case with the witnesses earliest within 6 months.

The prosecution had charged that the accused to carry out the blast in Sabarmati Express on August 14th, 2000 had hatched the conspiracy in Habeeb Hall of AMU in May 2000. The charges framed against him in the year July 2001.

India's going to ICJ paved way for Pakistan -- is big fault: Markandey Katju

By on Sunday, May 21, 2017
The former chairman of PCI, Markanday Katju, has expressed a deep concern over going to ICJ by Indian side for the justice against the decision taken by Pak military to hang former Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav.
His Face Book post says that India has given Pakistan a chance that it can also go to International Court of Justice to resolve like Kashmir's problem. He continued, “Pakistan may have pleased very much that we have gone to ICJ for single person. Now it may pose every issue like Kashmir on international forum, which we have been opposed continuously. We have opened a Pandora box by having gone to International Court.”
He continued in his FB Post that Pakistan had filed much weak objection into the jury of ICJ because India has given the chance to raise the other issues into international court.
Katju wrote, “we are in trap of Pakistani bluff and have given chance to unfold other issues. This is the reason why Pakistan had not filed strong objection seriously on the decision of ICJ.”

He added, “India cannot now object over the decision given by ICJ if Pakistan goes to file Kashmir issue in international court. Now it is enough to presume that Pakistan will go to ICJ to solve the Kashmir issue, and then we will file objection into ICJ jury. we will never argue false, because right and wrong both we cannot be simultaneously.”

Saturday, May 20, 2017

UP Police rescued Abducted businessman

By on Saturday, May 20, 2017
The police has rescued the UP’s abducted businessman Sanjey Mittal from the clutch with in the 6 hours. Police has arrested an accused. It is a big success to the UP police which was facing the wrath of public since the murder and loot incident took place in Mathura two days ago.
Mr Ajey Kumar, SSP, said, “ Sanjey Mittal,42, owner of FM Glass Industries, was going by car toward his glass factory in Nagla Mau Industrial area in Firozabad on Friday evening this week. As he was moving by Innova Car, two motor cycle borne men in police uniform intercepted this Innova ; and abducted him  on gun point in this car. Sanjey Mittal is close friend to Home Minister Rajnath Singh.”

Two days ago loot and murder of two jewelers’ case and then the abduction incident had brought the UP’s law and order situation of under scanner.
20 years ago, Mittal family had to pay ransom Rs one crore his father’s abduction.  The public in Mathura are protesting with resentment of jeweler’s murder and loot case. Mostly 7000 jewels shopkeepers remained their shops closed. Yogi government suspended 4 policemen in this connection.

CM Yogi has clarified in UP Assembly that he had the commitment that there would not be place of crime in UP, and neither the protection of criminals. If someone oppressed the poor and businessmen they will not be spare and they have to rethink for their future, but the law and order situation in UP has proved so far uncontrolled.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Abducted girl gang-raped and murdered; criminals crossed all maniac act

By on Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Parents of gang-raped and murdered victim at Rohtak in Haryana has disclosed a sensational facts . They have stated, ”if Police had taken a solid step in time, the victim would have been alive today; and she could have been saved by the rape incident.” The kin had informed Police one month ago in this connection. Here, both the accused have been sent in Police custody for seven days.
The family of victim has alleged,” Before murder, they had asked for Police assistance, but the Police didn’t listened our request.”
One month ago they had met Sonipat Police with a complain that Sumit was tormenting their daughter and was stressing to be married with her, but no action then had been taken. 
Brother of deceased has said,” we are living in fear because of domineering accused.” 20 days ago of this incident, 3 accused had stopped me when i was going on my way to home. The accused had put revolver's point on my stomach and threatened to kill me. I had gone to Police Station with my Mother, but nobody listen us." Police has not given importance to take the kin's statement yet.
They told, ”if Police had taken action in time, then the accused would have been jailed ; and their sister would have been alive.” Mother of deceased said, "After the murder of my daughter, SHO had brought here to both accused for the identification. They appeared relentless or had no guilty feeling; both maniac had laughed at us   ; we demand hang'em high."
          The Police superintendent has rejected the allegations of victim's family and said, ” A few days ago, damsel had complained orally that the main accused was pressurizing her to marry.” It was an oral complain. There was no written complain. After this the complainer said,”both had compromised.”
Postmortem report of victim reveals some shocking details. According to it, a heavy weapon was used to smite victim’s head. She was gang-raped by feeding some narcotics substance; later a sharp-edge-thing was inserted into her vaginal part. a few Esophagus(gullet) part was absent in the body.
Dr. SK Dhatterwal, Head of Department, Forensic Medicine at PGIMS at Rohtak,  has told, ” The attack by some blunt weapon was the main cause of victim’s death.” Many bones of victim's head were found broken. The vaginal part had wound marks which reveals the woman was sexually assaulted; and heinous activity have been done barbarically.
He told that, for the confirmation of rape, a sample has been sent to Forensic laboratory. The wound concluded, “There may have been inserted a sharp edge thing in the victim’s vaginal part. She may have been fed some narcotics substances before the rape and murder.” Some such medicine have been found in her abdomen, which point out it.

A damsel’s mutilated body, age 23, was recovered near Industrial Model Township at Rohtak on 11 May last week. The deceased had disappeared on 9th May. She was murdered ruthlessly after gang-rape. The stray dogs had bitten her face and below portion of body. This crime recalls Nirbhaya’s murder case.Her body was noticed by a passerby in the urban estate area of the district on May 11.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Shortage in Drinking Water Supply Create Crisis to Residents

By on Monday, May 15, 2017
     This is regarding the water supply of area- Triveni Nagar 2nd, Sitapur Road Lucknow. 
       Residents of Triveni Nagar have been facing an acute water shortage for the last three days. There is no water supply in this area since then.
      So many local residents of this area have lodged their complaints, but the going on problem has not yet resolved.

It’s a humble request to kindly resolve this problem as soon as possible.
                                                                                     Yours faithfully
                                                                                   Deewanshi Sinha
                                                                        Resident of Triveni Nagar 2nd Lucknow


  The drinking water supply is still not reviving in our colony as our requirement is. Once in a day either in morning or in evening 10 to 20 minutes water is being supplied here. The residents, in these hot days, are very much in resentment. We are connecting Tullupumps to siphon off the water; but there is no water supply.
The crises is continued; required the attention to restore the interrupted supply in the colony earliest. 
                                                                                Shyam kumar
                                                                                Ruchi Khand 1
                                                                               Sharda Nagar Lucknow

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Newly married woman was gang-raped and killed in UP

By on Sunday, May 14, 2017
The crime in UP with Women is not going to be pacified. One more case from Kaushambi, a district in East UP, is that a newly bridal woman was sleeping in her paternal home where she had come from her in laws home. Her marriage was performed 15 days ago. The bridal was first gang-raped and then was set on fire by some miscreants binding her legs and hands in her own home.
The challenges which Yogi’s government are facing is not by his opposition parties, but is the rising graph of crime in the state. The man listening the act of such free hand crime may be in horror. Pura Gaon is the area under police station Singhwal where this incident of gang-rape and murder of a woman has took place Thursday night this week.
According to the information reached here, younger daughter of Chhedu Patel, Asha, aged 20, was tied in nuptial with Jaswant resident of Jagganathpur 15 days ago. On 7 May this month, she returned her paternal home after her maiden Rukhsati. She was sleeping on cot in the precinct of her home on Thursday night and mother was outside of home and father had gone to sleep in the fields.
When the door of home was not opened till late Friday morning, her father with the bamboo-ladder scaled the wall of home to enter. He was shocked seeing the inside scene. The nude body of his daughter on the cot was burning. The hands and legs of daughter was binding over the cot. a cloth gag was put in  the mouth.
Anyhow the burning fire was extinguished by Chhedu with the help of neighbors and informed the police. SP VK Mishr and CO Ramakant Yadav with police force and dog squads reached the spot. Police registered the case against the unidentified miscreants over the statements of Chhedu Patel.

3 teams to nab the accused miscreants have been deployed, SP said. The criminals will be arrested earliest. They had gouged out her eye. The valuables worth Rs 1.50 lakh have also been looted. The victim’s kin are weeping bitterly. The peasants are in shock with this devil incident.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

They deceived him! -- with whom he grew?

By on Saturday, May 13, 2017
The man, officer in Indian army, was killed after the abduction by terrorists on Tuesday a day before his bullets riddled body found by the villagers. This army officer was arrived here to participate in a marriage ceremony to be held in his relative’s home. Mr Umar Fayaz was on leave for one month home halt till his next birth day. According to report, he had attracted as a role model to some local youths to join Indian army and was hero to follow.
Mr Adeesh Yadav, commandant brigadier of Rajputana Rifles, said: the terrorist are so crazy that they abducted the officer and killed him. He continued that the terrorists, separatists and pro- Pak have been trying to manifest by any action that the all Kashmir valley looked like anti-Indian; but Fayaz,22, was the part of Indian Army, who was an icon to defeat the anti-Indian elements.
Officer Fayaz, second battalion of Rajputana Rifles, on furlough had gone his home at Kulgam town to participate in the marriage ceremony of relative of south Kashmir. Fayaz’s instructor and company commander, Major Yuvraj Kadyan told, “He had no afraid of untoward occurrence. He was well familiar with the all boys. All they grew together. He was so influential personality to the locals that the few of the youths were desired to be like him. He had told me about them. We had discussed about the situations of south Kashmir; but he was confident that the situation that had worsened there would be normal soon.”
Where the fayaz’s popularity was irking in eyes of terror group, it was even a big jolt to their mal-intention. On alleged way, the deceiving conspiracy was carried out by his close knowing men. The chronology of this incident which took place in the valley is being tried to link the facts. The local Hizbul men were aware of lieutenant Fayaz were at home.
According to the police, “3 terrorist barged into Fayaz’s relative home in Sopia. Fayaz at that time was with his relative who was going to be married. The terrorists brought down Fayaz from the first floor of home. As the information is here, another group of armed terrorists was threatening to the groom.”
The young lieutenant, Umar Fayaz, was not interested that the bride, the groom and other relatives would face any of the trouble, so he went with the terrorists. The family gave no immediate information to the police. He was in think,  " Fayaz will be either threatened  or will be manhandled; but the terrorists will free him to go home back." ” The armed check post is one kilometer away from the place where Fayaz was abducted.”
The lieutenant Fayaz would have been saved if the information had been sent to the security forces exactly after the abduction. “We were able to begin the operation because a few of them were local boys whom villagers knew well. The terror motive appears to create the fearsome atmosphere by this incident in the village. They don’t want that the local youth try to join the police or army.”
 Major Avdhesh Chaudhry, instructor to lieutenant Fayaz, continued, “Their intention will never gain a success to reach to this extent. The resentment among the locals against the terrorists is mounting on the murder of earth's son.”
Some locals said that they comprehended that he was studying the MBBS course in place of being an army officers. The informers told that a few person told him it that they were surprised on being abducted a doctor by terrorists.
The security forces have vowed that the accused after being identified will be dealt with their destiny.
After 24 hrs of Lieutenant Fayaz’s martyrdom, thousands of youths were seen in queue to be recruited in J&K police. None forces can prevent them to live a better life with employment

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Someone teach how much way of democracy; people get right path after being toppled

By on Thursday, May 11, 2017

The five causes which cornered the Chanakyas of APP are as follows:
  •  Leaders like Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan who played a vital role in the party’s comeback found themselves cornered with no appraisal
  • AAP is becoming a one man-centric party and that it lacked transparency. Earlier, Shaziya Ilmi and Vinod Kumar Binny had the same allegations and they quit to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
  • Yogendra Yadav wants to take AAP on a national level by contesting assembly elections of other states
  •  The problems with AAP became evident when it was revealed that some candidates fielded by AAP had a dark background. Yadav and Bhushan had opposed the decision to give tickets to them, but the party went ahead with those candidates.
  •  Yadav and Bhushan want that other leaders should also get importance to expand the party in other states.
  •  No matter who is correct, this conflict has triggered an ugly war in AAP. If such controversies continue, the new political outfit would not survive for a long time.

Story after these elites sidelined
Close to Arvind Kejriwal since long, Yogendra Yadav has accepted that internal knotty wrestling in APP has headed its way towards its end. He continued, “On the one hand BJP is trying every chance to eliminate the APP; APP chief is also hell-bent on annihilate the party on the other.”
He said, “The allegations of Chhatarpur firms deal and PWD scam what Kapil Mishra posed are primary which must be probed. Arvind Kejriwal should have spoken against these allegations in the special session today; but, raising the issues of EVM, he gave signal that he is evading from the ebb of questions.”
He continued, “Whether the EVM can be hacked or not – this discussion should be ended because that is an electronic device. The question is whether the devices were hacked in Punjab and in Delhi or not… if so, the APP need to give the evidence.”
He said on the party future, “If Arvind has no reliance over the EVM, he may go for referendum and look at the result; consequently if the mandate is not conducive to his expectation, he should step down from the post.”
History has its own past which has given various such examples if the faith on the suspicion or on the fear were lost in the volunteers who fought for your rise may end you.
Rommel was implicated in the 20 July 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler. Due to Rommel's status as a national hero, Hitler desired to eliminate him quietly. Rommel was given a choice between committing suicide, in return for assurances that his family would not be persecuted following his death, or facing a trial that would result in his execution; he chose the former and, shortly after, committed suicide using a cyanide pill.
It is clear from past:  leader becomes a master after coming in power.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Justice Karnan's discourteous act sent him Jail

By on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Justice CS Karnan, Kolkata High court, has been dubbed discourteous by 7Judges bench of Supreme Court of India. The Apex Court has sentenced him 6 months imprisonment. Supreme Court has issued directives to the Director General of Police Calcutta to take Karnan in his custody, and to send him jail.
     Supreme Court has censored over media that it will not print Justice Karnan’s statement and will not able to show on TV channels. It is the first event in Indian Judicial history when the Supreme Court, considering any Judge's court of contempt, has ordered to send him jail.
    The Apex Court had ordered to diagnose the mental status of Justice Karnan; but he had denied it, and in contrary he issued some strange order against Supreme Court judges. When Justice Karnan issued order transgressing against Supreme Court Judges, Supreme Court has also considered Justice Karnan's contempt.
     The action for the contempt of court against any High Court Judge has been taken first time by Supreme Court in Indian judiciary of country. Justice Karnan, in his letter written to the PM Modi, had demanded to take action alleging corruption over 'Twenty Sitting and retired judges'.
    The Supreme Court, taking self cognizance of Justice's statements given at the different places and a letter to the PM, had begun the contempt proceeding. Justice Karnan appeared on 31st of March before the Supreme Court after the apex court had issued Bailable Warrant. The Apex Court had asked Justice to submit reply within 4 weeks chance which it had given him.
    Instead of apologizing it Justice Karnan had issued order on 13 April to Chief Justice JS Kheher including 7 judges to appear in his court on 28th April. Not only this, he had issued directive on 28 April to Air Control Authority that Chief Justice including 7 other judges must  not be allowed to travel any foreign trip till the end of the case.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Kejriwal faces corruption charge by his own leader

By on Monday, May 08, 2017
The Swear of Honesty of this era is known Arvind Kejriwal, but his own leader Kapil Mishra has alleged a serious allegation of corruption over him.
He came in politics as an icon who led agitation of honesty under his pontiff Anna Hazare. Kapil Mishra, after his removal from the cabinet on Saturday, shot n allegation over kejriwal of taking bribe Rs 2 crore from Satyendra Jain, which has created a bickering in  Delhi politics. Anna is saddened with the allegation over kejriwal.
He has said to media that he will take the whole details over the issue; subsequently he will opine here. Anna said that kejri fought battle against the corruption, then he reached to the CM post. However he said that his reliability broke on that day when he shot serious allegations over his ministers, and they had to resign.
 The opposition has got an issue after this allegation over Kejariwal. Kejariwal has been accusing over many other political parties over corruption issue. The opposition will not spare him if APP leader has charged corruption over Kejriwal. The BJP state president, Manoj Tiwari, dubbed this statement is not as an allegation, but he said is a witness. He said allegations are posed by opposition and it has been kept on, but whatever is being said by Kapil Mishra is a witness against Kejriwal in the wake of corruption. Kejriwal has no right to hold the post; he must resign immediately.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

someone shot at groom during marriage

By on Sunday, May 07, 2017
imagery picture
Bihar: a man, Sudhir,24, was in the fantasy of events moment of happiness on his marriage ceremony.. He was betrothing by bride's garlanding; later a few moments, he was shot at. Police is investigating the mystery of murder.
The deceased, Sudhir, was the resident of Uttardaha village in Bihar. He was to be married with on Saturday last week. He came with his close kin to Palipur village. Every ritual was going well there. the bride and the groom both garlanded each other. There was happiness at every corner in this ceremony. After the garlanding rituals, Sudhir advanced with his friends towards the family gathering.
A gun shot sound during his stroll of a few distance was heard. The bullet pierced through Sudhir's back and he fell down. He was rushed to the nearby hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. He was a lone son of his parent. Sudhir’s father had died earlier.
Police has taken the marriage video recording in its possession; but police has not yet found the murderer. Police has taken the bride’s cell phone in its custody assuming the matter of love affair case. According to the information, Sudhir’s two friends were seen on the day of marriage; but both have absconding since the incident took place.
Sudhir's kin are weeping bitterly; while the police is searching the absconded friends. The girl is also lying unconscious after the incident and cursing her ill-fate. The murder of Sudhir has been a mystery of Sudhir’s close kin and villagers although the police has assured to nab the culprits.