35 people were killed in American attack over Syria

At least 35 people may have been killed in an air strike launched by America over east Syria hide outs of ISIS strong hold area. The claim came by Human Right Organization on monitoring attacks.
The Syrian Human Right Observatory said that on Thursday there were serial attacks on Residential Buildings in Mayadeen City of Oil Rich province Deyer Ajor in Syria.
The Chief of Organization Abdel Rehman told,” 26 relatives of ISIS fighters are included in the killed people in whom there are women and children of Moroccan and Syrian Origin.
The organization Official said,’’ The public death toll rises in this attack to 50 in the past two days.” On Wednesday 15 people had died by similar attacks. According to Organizational Report it is first time when the people's death toll is maximum within a week by the allied Countries attack over Syria since 23 September, 2014.

This Year within 1 month 23 April to 23 May, 225 people has been killed in the attacks of Allied Countries. The pentagon has accepted in its report that 105 people had been killed in Mosul in the counter Jehadi attacks. The US force has said that the 352 people have been killed so far in the airstrike launched by the allied countries since year 2014.

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