Abducted girl gang-raped and murdered; criminals crossed all maniac act

Parents of gang-raped and murdered victim at Rohtak in Haryana has disclosed a sensational facts . They have stated, ”if Police had taken a solid step in time, the victim would have been alive today; and she could have been saved by the rape incident.” The kin had informed Police one month ago in this connection. Here, both the accused have been sent in Police custody for seven days.
The family of victim has alleged,” Before murder, they had asked for Police assistance, but the Police didn’t listened our request.”
One month ago they had met Sonipat Police with a complain that Sumit was tormenting their daughter and was stressing to be married with her, but no action then had been taken. 
Brother of deceased has said,” we are living in fear because of domineering accused.” 20 days ago of this incident, 3 accused had stopped me when i was going on my way to home. The accused had put revolver's point on my stomach and threatened to kill me. I had gone to Police Station with my Mother, but nobody listen us." Police has not given importance to take the kin's statement yet.
They told, ”if Police had taken action in time, then the accused would have been jailed ; and their sister would have been alive.” Mother of deceased said, "After the murder of my daughter, SHO had brought here to both accused for the identification. They appeared relentless or had no guilty feeling; both maniac had laughed at us   ; we demand hang'em high."
          The Police superintendent has rejected the allegations of victim's family and said, ” A few days ago, damsel had complained orally that the main accused was pressurizing her to marry.” It was an oral complain. There was no written complain. After this the complainer said,”both had compromised.”
Postmortem report of victim reveals some shocking details. According to it, a heavy weapon was used to smite victim’s head. She was gang-raped by feeding some narcotics substance; later a sharp-edge-thing was inserted into her vaginal part. a few Esophagus(gullet) part was absent in the body.
Dr. SK Dhatterwal, Head of Department, Forensic Medicine at PGIMS at Rohtak,  has told, ” The attack by some blunt weapon was the main cause of victim’s death.” Many bones of victim's head were found broken. The vaginal part had wound marks which reveals the woman was sexually assaulted; and heinous activity have been done barbarically.
He told that, for the confirmation of rape, a sample has been sent to Forensic laboratory. The wound concluded, “There may have been inserted a sharp edge thing in the victim’s vaginal part. She may have been fed some narcotics substances before the rape and murder.” Some such medicine have been found in her abdomen, which point out it.

A damsel’s mutilated body, age 23, was recovered near Industrial Model Township at Rohtak on 11 May last week. The deceased had disappeared on 9th May. She was murdered ruthlessly after gang-rape. The stray dogs had bitten her face and below portion of body. This crime recalls Nirbhaya’s murder case.Her body was noticed by a passerby in the urban estate area of the district on May 11.

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