Amit Shah targeted congress on corruption; Kapil Sibal targeted BJP on Pak,valley

 National President Amit Shah’s press conference at Agartala in Tripura  

The cause behind this tour is to search into the way so to expand BJP’s base in the country.
He does not feel fatigues to appreciate  the work of Union Government under the leadership of  Narendra Modi led NDA government which is going to complete 3 years in office by end of this month. 
He said, the BJP is getting unprecedented public support on the back of the work done by the Modi government. 
He said, BJP got its first CM in Maharashtra while the party formed its first full majority governments in Haryana, Assam and Jharkhand. “We got a deputy CM in J&K while the party formed governments with 3/4th majority in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. We also formed governments in Manipur and Goa,” he added.
 In North East, the BJP today has a government in Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh while we have a stake in the government in Nagaland. I believe this is a big achievement for the party under the leadership of PM Modi. 
“When the BJP government took charge in 2014, it replaced a government that was neck deep in corruption with scams totaling 12 lakh crore rupees across various ministries and departments.” he attacked on congress led UPA government. 
 “On the other hand, there is not even one allegation of corruption against the Narendra Modi government in the last 3 years. That is the reason why BJP is getting support from the people,” he patted his back.
 he exposed the plan of his government by this statement,  “We have introduced a governance model that ensures equal development for villages and cities so that there is no competition for resources.” 
 There have been numerous examples in the last 3 years that have added to India’s respect and credibility globally. One such example is launch of 104 satellites in a single flight that has given ISRO a unique place in world space technology. 
Yesterday, a satellite was launched for South Asia that will benefit our SAARC nations barring Pakistan in number of areas like health and education. 
He tried to lure the OBC category by his statement, “The BJP government gave Constitutional status to the OBC commission, which was pending since 1950.”
  He further said, “The BJP government under PM has also successfully changed the definition of employment. Under Congress and Communist governments, employment meant only jobs but our government has given loans to nearly 7 crore youth under Mudra Bank Yojana to make them self employed.”
I am confident that Tripura will go with the national and global trend and defeat both Communists and Congress. 
He said manifesting the statistical data, “In 13th Finance Commission under UPA government, Tripura’s share in central taxes was 7,283 crore rupees. In the 14th Finance Commission under BJP government, Tripura’s share will roughly rise 3.5 times to 25,396 crore rupees.” 
The BJP government has initiated establishment of rail link between Agartala and Bangladesh. Agartala has also been included in the list of Smart Cities. 
.he lured the state employees and said, “Unemployment is at its peak as there are 8 lakh educated yet unemployed youth in the state. I am surprised that state government employees here are still paid as per 4th Pay Commission whereas the entire country has already implemented recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. Its BJP comes to power in Tripura we will implement recommendations of 7th Pay Commission.” 
The state government here has only indulged in vote bank politics and allowed infiltration from Bangladesh.
Mr Kapil Sibal targeted BJP’s policy on Pak and valley 
The congress leader Kapil Sibal has targeted the union government yesterday. he expressed to media person.
Congress leader Mr Sibal on Friday attacked the centre on the issue of national security. Recalling BJP president Amit Shah’s remarks during the 2014 Lok Sabha poll campaign, in which he had said, “if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister, Pakistan intruders won’t dare to cross border.” Sibal said, “Amit Shah should  now tell us how Pakistan is showing courage.”
They used to accuse us of sending love letters… now they are sending loving tweets… terror and dialogue cannot go together, but terror and birthday cake can go together. Only they can say how this is possible.” He told media persons. He said the situation in Kashmir valley too has worsened and students were out on the streets to pelt the stones. There is big challenge before India. This leaderless movement, driven by youth, the government should think about it, how it has happened… the whole atmosphere in Kashmir was far more peaceful than what it is today. We followed a certain policy and also Track 2diplomacy… this government policy is not clear. Do they want a military solution or dialogue… and the prime minister is silent...” said the senior congress leader. “…they have no policy on Kashmir and no policy on Pakistan. And now china has refused to come to Delhi for the Russia-India-China Foreign Ministers’trilateral meeting. This very said. On one side you sat on a swing (with the Chinese president)… and on the other side, they are refusing to come… there is a big problem. There is a big mismatch between thought and action,” Sibal said. 

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