At least 25 Coptic Christian killed and 26 injured in Egypt

The hidden face gunmen in military uniform fired over a bus carrying Coptic Christians in middle Egypt on Friday. At least 26 people were killed and 25 were injured badly. Most of the deceased are children. It is second big attack over Christian community within two months.
The bus was heading towards 250 Kilometer away Anba Samuel Monastery situated in South Minia Governorate. The home ministry told that the gunmen were boarded over 3 vehicles.
Ministry said that 26 Christian died in this attack and 25 other were injured. The witnesses said that the killed people are mostly children.
According to the report, the assailants were numbered 8 to 10 who were in military uniform. The security personnel are searching the assailants. No organizations have yet taken the attack responsibility.
Coptic Christians have faced such many attack in the country in recent months, which responsibility terrorists of Islamic state has taken.
at least 46 people were killed in two suicidal attack targeting churches on 9th April last month Tanta and Alexandria. 25 people were killed in an attack over Coptic Church at Kahira last December.

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