Chain reaction of demonetisation is continuing; anonymous wealth is being investigated

If the officers have exchanged it into gold and land and also bought dollars, how can the government find the corruption money? Now PM, Narendra Modi, tried another way to find those who have anonymous wealth.
Pm has reviewed the operation clean money with the officers in revenue department. He said the officers of finance ministry that the action should be swift against the anonymous wealth.
The e-assessment system should be imposed, so that there to be least interferes of human being and the assessment should be implemented by computerized way. PM said the people in large number should be in the range of tax, so that the tax bases could be grown

It is noticeable that the government to smite on black money began the action at large scale after its bold decision taken by last year. The government began to investigate keeping an eye especially on costly properties and anonymous wealth.
the investigation began under a big action against the black money for the commercial flats; the shops; the lands near country's high way on chief cities. Moreover, the existing properties of VIP areas in various chief cities of country were investigated. The chief industrial plots; commercial flats and shops – all were investigated.
The investigating agencies to search the black money tried to find whose the shops and plots, the big bungalows and industrial plots were? After investigation it was found that the real owner of some bungalows in Luten zone is someone else. A few bungalows have been bought by the sum of bribery and corruption.
The government has asked the details of government lands from various departments. Wherever the encroachments have been done is being made a list. The income tax department and with the help of other departments – all these properties are being verified. More than 200 teams are verifying the properties on these places.
After the collection of evidences the government will take action. The action will be taken under Anonymous Transaction Act 2016 after being found culprit. The act has been taken its existence since 1st of November last year. The anonymous properties can be forfeited under this act and it has the provision of 7 years rigorous imprisonment.

The income tax department under ‘Operation Clean Money’ is continued to investigate such accounts of the tax returning entities, which have the deposit amount above 2lakhs. A new column has been added in the return form issued for the year 2017-18. The information mentioned in this column is being matched from the data of banks and other financial institutions

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