Framed in Sabarmati Express blast case accused acquitted

Mohd Ather;Barabanki
This AMU scholar and suspected member of Hizbul Muzahideen, Guljar Ahmad Wani, has been acquitted by Barabanki Lower Court in the case of hatching conspiracy for Sabarmati Express blast in the year 2000. The court in the lack of evidence has ordered to release Wani and co-accused Mobin, according to the defendant lawyer.
Guljar Ahmad Wani, hails from a well qualified family of Srinagar and his father has been a government officer. He was 28 years when he was arrested and the student of PhD in Arabic in Aligarh Muslim University Uttar Pradesh.
The defendant lawyer, MS Khan, told that Additional Session Judge, MA Khan, acquitted both from all the framed charges. The prosecution had been failed to prove any of the charges framed against him.
Delhi police had arrested Wani with the alleged explosive and objectionable materials in the year 2001.
He is the resident of Peeparkari area of Srinagar and is in Lucknow jail at present.
He was charged of the blast which was carried out pre-evening of Independence Day was in the train running from Muzaffarnagar to Ahmedabad. The 9 people were killed in this blast.
Ahmad, resident of Srinagar, has been behind the bars more than 16 years.
Delhi police had arrested him from the New Delhi railway station in July 2001 exactly after one year of blast on Sabarmati Express in August 14th, 2000.
He had been framed of charges in 11 cases of different cities including Agra and Kanpur, and other areas of Delhi.
The court has acquitted already from many other charges. The High Court Lucknow Bench had denied Wani’s bail application, saying it on 26th August that the releasing of such people will affect the social interests adversely. Wani had challenged the court order in Supreme Court.
The Apex Court had issued direction to the lower court to cross- examine the case with the witnesses earliest within 6 months.

The prosecution had charged that the accused to carry out the blast in Sabarmati Express on August 14th, 2000 had hatched the conspiracy in Habeeb Hall of AMU in May 2000. The charges framed against him in the year July 2001.

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