He murdered friend's family; gets friend released on parole to search; and killed him

A land-grabber, named Bunty, has been arrested in the murder case of Munawar Hassan Chaudhary, property dealer of Delhi.
The man was nabbed with the help of surveillance. Bunty has disclosed that he is the man who had killed Munnawar Hassan’s family. After the killing he buried Munnawwar’s wife and children in separate places.
On parole from jail, Munnawar Hassan's body was recovered from the first floor room of his home in Buradi area of Delhi on Saturday. He was killed by bullet injury in forehead. Actually Munnawwar’s family was disappeared since last many days, so he came out on parole for searching his family.
many teams of Delhi police was working to solve this matter after the body recovered. Bunty, land grabber’s name, was figured behind this murder. Bunty had been Munnawwar’s business partner. Some dispute between them was for the payment of money.
Police began The search operation after receiving these information, but there were no information for his whereabouts. Police had connected Bunty's cell number on surveillance; consequently Bunty was in police dragnet eventually. As the police quizzed with forcefully, whatever he exposed was astounded police after listening.
According to the information, accused, Bunty, confessed during the enquiry that he had buried, after murdering, at a place named Dulara during Munawwar’s wife and two daughters going from Meerut to Haridwar.  He first murdered Munnawwar’s wife and two daughters, then he killed Munnawwar’s two sons in Buradi area on next day and buried them.
After the exposing of this case, police is going to exhumed the dead bodies after the confirmation of burial places. The murder mystery of Munnawwar has exposed after the police enquiry. Bunty had given Munnawwar 20 lakh Rupee. The running cause behind this dispute was money matter. A verbal fight between both had taken place before the murder; exactly after it he shot at Munnawwar.
Munnawwar and Bunty both were carried property business in Buradi area of Delhi. Munnawwar was the BSP member. He had once gone in fray for election on BSP ticket. Munnawar was in jail for a rape case and he, recently, had been out on parole by the help of Bunty because of Munnawwar’s family disappearance since 21 April last month.

Munnawwar, going with Bunty to the police station, had lodged complaint of family disappearance. As he returned back home, Bunty and he both had fought verbally over the money, and Bunty shot over Munnawwar. After killing, Bunty had called police and given the unidentified person’s injury information to the police, and fled from the crime scene. 

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