India's going to ICJ paved way for Pakistan -- is big fault: Markandey Katju

The former chairman of PCI, Markanday Katju, has expressed a deep concern over going to ICJ by Indian side for the justice against the decision taken by Pak military to hang former Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav.
His Face Book post says that India has given Pakistan a chance that it can also go to International Court of Justice to resolve like Kashmir's problem. He continued, “Pakistan may have pleased very much that we have gone to ICJ for single person. Now it may pose every issue like Kashmir on international forum, which we have been opposed continuously. We have opened a Pandora box by having gone to International Court.”
He continued in his FB Post that Pakistan had filed much weak objection into the jury of ICJ because India has given the chance to raise the other issues into international court.
Katju wrote, “we are in trap of Pakistani bluff and have given chance to unfold other issues. This is the reason why Pakistan had not filed strong objection seriously on the decision of ICJ.”

He added, “India cannot now object over the decision given by ICJ if Pakistan goes to file Kashmir issue in international court. Now it is enough to presume that Pakistan will go to ICJ to solve the Kashmir issue, and then we will file objection into ICJ jury. we will never argue false, because right and wrong both we cannot be simultaneously.”

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