Justice Karnan's discourteous act sent him Jail

Justice CS Karnan, Kolkata High court, has been dubbed discourteous by 7Judges bench of Supreme Court of India. The Apex Court has sentenced him 6 months imprisonment. Supreme Court has issued directives to the Director General of Police Calcutta to take Karnan in his custody, and to send him jail.
     Supreme Court has censored over media that it will not print Justice Karnan’s statement and will not able to show on TV channels. It is the first event in Indian Judicial history when the Supreme Court, considering any Judge's court of contempt, has ordered to send him jail.
    The Apex Court had ordered to diagnose the mental status of Justice Karnan; but he had denied it, and in contrary he issued some strange order against Supreme Court judges. When Justice Karnan issued order transgressing against Supreme Court Judges, Supreme Court has also considered Justice Karnan's contempt.
     The action for the contempt of court against any High Court Judge has been taken first time by Supreme Court in Indian judiciary of country. Justice Karnan, in his letter written to the PM Modi, had demanded to take action alleging corruption over 'Twenty Sitting and retired judges'.
    The Supreme Court, taking self cognizance of Justice's statements given at the different places and a letter to the PM, had begun the contempt proceeding. Justice Karnan appeared on 31st of March before the Supreme Court after the apex court had issued Bailable Warrant. The Apex Court had asked Justice to submit reply within 4 weeks chance which it had given him.
    Instead of apologizing it Justice Karnan had issued order on 13 April to Chief Justice JS Kheher including 7 judges to appear in his court on 28th April. Not only this, he had issued directive on 28 April to Air Control Authority that Chief Justice including 7 other judges must  not be allowed to travel any foreign trip till the end of the case.

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