Kejriwal faces corruption charge by his own leader

The Swear of Honesty of this era is known Arvind Kejriwal, but his own leader Kapil Mishra has alleged a serious allegation of corruption over him.
He came in politics as an icon who led agitation of honesty under his pontiff Anna Hazare. Kapil Mishra, after his removal from the cabinet on Saturday, shot n allegation over kejriwal of taking bribe Rs 2 crore from Satyendra Jain, which has created a bickering in  Delhi politics. Anna is saddened with the allegation over kejriwal.
He has said to media that he will take the whole details over the issue; subsequently he will opine here. Anna said that kejri fought battle against the corruption, then he reached to the CM post. However he said that his reliability broke on that day when he shot serious allegations over his ministers, and they had to resign.
 The opposition has got an issue after this allegation over Kejariwal. Kejariwal has been accusing over many other political parties over corruption issue. The opposition will not spare him if APP leader has charged corruption over Kejriwal. The BJP state president, Manoj Tiwari, dubbed this statement is not as an allegation, but he said is a witness. He said allegations are posed by opposition and it has been kept on, but whatever is being said by Kapil Mishra is a witness against Kejriwal in the wake of corruption. Kejriwal has no right to hold the post; he must resign immediately.

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