Naxal suspected 'police informant'; killed villager

Kondagaon: Naxal affected area of Chhattisgarh is not under control from the terror of naxal. Once again Naxalite dealt a bloodbath play on Wednesday night. Naxalite shot a villager dead here.
A group of Naxal at night raided over his house and dragged him a few yard; later killed him. Naxalite had a suspicion that he was police informer.
Police superintendent,Asutosh Singh, confirmed the incident. Kodagaon police officers, giving the information, told that Jangaluram Nag,35, villager, was shot dead last night in Kharpadi gaon under kodagaon district. He was present in his home at the hour of incident.
In-laws of deceased kept on forbidding them; and they murdered him, actually this incident took place under Madapjal police station under city Kotwali area.
According to police, the deceased Junglerama Nag, 35, was the resident of Katpadi Botichapad Para. His in-laws home was in Bakharpada Katpadi.
He was in his in-laws home on Wednesday. Every members of this family including him were sleeping in home precinct, and then 5-6 Naxali reached there around 11.30 at night, and began him beating. Jangluram’s in-laws tried to face Naxalites, and begged for their mercy; but they did not forgive him. One of them shot Jangaluram.
The villagers are in grudge over this incident there. According to a few villagers, Jangalurama was assisting police in Lohadiguda police station of Bastar district, but he had closed this police relation since the formation of Kodagaon district.
Some of the villagers told that Jangaluram had refused to give the essential stuff of the provision; consequently, Naxalites were in rage and alleged to help police.
However police have dismissed the allegation saying there were any relation between police department and him.
Jangalu’s brother has said that Hemlal and Ramuram with their 6 accomplices of Naxal Kudhurdalam first visited at night to Jangaluram’s home at Botichapad.

They did not find Jangalu here, and they took his brother to Jangaluram’s in-laws home situated at Bakharapada where Naxalites dealt with the incident.the police patrolling has been beefed up after the incident.

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