Newly married woman was gang-raped and killed in UP

The crime in UP with Women is not going to be pacified. One more case from Kaushambi, a district in East UP, is that a newly bridal woman was sleeping in her paternal home where she had come from her in laws home. Her marriage was performed 15 days ago. The bridal was first gang-raped and then was set on fire by some miscreants binding her legs and hands in her own home.
The challenges which Yogi’s government are facing is not by his opposition parties, but is the rising graph of crime in the state. The man listening the act of such free hand crime may be in horror. Pura Gaon is the area under police station Singhwal where this incident of gang-rape and murder of a woman has took place Thursday night this week.
According to the information reached here, younger daughter of Chhedu Patel, Asha, aged 20, was tied in nuptial with Jaswant resident of Jagganathpur 15 days ago. On 7 May this month, she returned her paternal home after her maiden Rukhsati. She was sleeping on cot in the precinct of her home on Thursday night and mother was outside of home and father had gone to sleep in the fields.
When the door of home was not opened till late Friday morning, her father with the bamboo-ladder scaled the wall of home to enter. He was shocked seeing the inside scene. The nude body of his daughter on the cot was burning. The hands and legs of daughter was binding over the cot. a cloth gag was put in  the mouth.
Anyhow the burning fire was extinguished by Chhedu with the help of neighbors and informed the police. SP VK Mishr and CO Ramakant Yadav with police force and dog squads reached the spot. Police registered the case against the unidentified miscreants over the statements of Chhedu Patel.

3 teams to nab the accused miscreants have been deployed, SP said. The criminals will be arrested earliest. They had gouged out her eye. The valuables worth Rs 1.50 lakh have also been looted. The victim’s kin are weeping bitterly. The peasants are in shock with this devil incident.

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