Pune police dragged TV channel reporter in van

Sharad Dubey; Pune
The journalists nowadays are facing tough time because the freedom of expression is so vulnerable that nobody has respect for it. The correspondent of a TV channel was dragged, holding shirt’s collar in hands, by police and was taken into van by beating him badly in Tehsil Ambey Gaon of district Pune.
The journalists while going for coverage of a story on Sunday noon, saw a body lying on road side of road, they began to shoot the surroundings picture. The sub inspector said to go aside immediately the journalists from the incident spot. The police and the journalists both began to verbal fight; but instead to redress the matter, the police officers misbehaved with the journalists; began the thrashing with a TV channel journalist; dragged him into the police van; and said, “I register a murder case over you.” Many other journalists were present there during this incident and police misbehaved with these journalists.
The journalist was under police custody in Ambey Gaon police station till 12 hours after this happening. The police has alleged that the journalists created hurdle into government work. The journalists have accused the police; both the parties are adamant on their statements that the police, without asking who they were, misbehaved them.

It is noticeable that many such reports against the police of tormenting to journalists have surfaced earlier. It is not here but in the different parts of country, it has been reported the barbaric act of police. The police, who talk of law’s power, understand themselves above the law.

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