Shortage in Drinking Water Supply Create Crisis to Residents

     This is regarding the water supply of area- Triveni Nagar 2nd, Sitapur Road Lucknow. 
       Residents of Triveni Nagar have been facing an acute water shortage for the last three days. There is no water supply in this area since then.
      So many local residents of this area have lodged their complaints, but the going on problem has not yet resolved.

It’s a humble request to kindly resolve this problem as soon as possible.
                                                                                     Yours faithfully
                                                                                   Deewanshi Sinha
                                                                        Resident of Triveni Nagar 2nd Lucknow


  The drinking water supply is still not reviving in our colony as our requirement is. Once in a day either in morning or in evening 10 to 20 minutes water is being supplied here. The residents, in these hot days, are very much in resentment. We are connecting Tullupumps to siphon off the water; but there is no water supply.
The crises is continued; required the attention to restore the interrupted supply in the colony earliest. 
                                                                                Shyam kumar
                                                                                Ruchi Khand 1
                                                                               Sharda Nagar Lucknow

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