someone shot at groom during marriage

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Bihar: a man, Sudhir,24, was in the fantasy of events moment of happiness on his marriage ceremony.. He was betrothing by bride's garlanding; later a few moments, he was shot at. Police is investigating the mystery of murder.
The deceased, Sudhir, was the resident of Uttardaha village in Bihar. He was to be married with on Saturday last week. He came with his close kin to Palipur village. Every ritual was going well there. the bride and the groom both garlanded each other. There was happiness at every corner in this ceremony. After the garlanding rituals, Sudhir advanced with his friends towards the family gathering.
A gun shot sound during his stroll of a few distance was heard. The bullet pierced through Sudhir's back and he fell down. He was rushed to the nearby hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. He was a lone son of his parent. Sudhir’s father had died earlier.
Police has taken the marriage video recording in its possession; but police has not yet found the murderer. Police has taken the bride’s cell phone in its custody assuming the matter of love affair case. According to the information, Sudhir’s two friends were seen on the day of marriage; but both have absconding since the incident took place.
Sudhir's kin are weeping bitterly; while the police is searching the absconded friends. The girl is also lying unconscious after the incident and cursing her ill-fate. The murder of Sudhir has been a mystery of Sudhir’s close kin and villagers although the police has assured to nab the culprits.

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