They deceived him! -- with whom he grew?

The man, officer in Indian army, was killed after the abduction by terrorists on Tuesday a day before his bullets riddled body found by the villagers. This army officer was arrived here to participate in a marriage ceremony to be held in his relative’s home. Mr Umar Fayaz was on leave for one month home halt till his next birth day. According to report, he had attracted as a role model to some local youths to join Indian army and was hero to follow.
Mr Adeesh Yadav, commandant brigadier of Rajputana Rifles, said: the terrorist are so crazy that they abducted the officer and killed him. He continued that the terrorists, separatists and pro- Pak have been trying to manifest by any action that the all Kashmir valley looked like anti-Indian; but Fayaz,22, was the part of Indian Army, who was an icon to defeat the anti-Indian elements.
Officer Fayaz, second battalion of Rajputana Rifles, on furlough had gone his home at Kulgam town to participate in the marriage ceremony of relative of south Kashmir. Fayaz’s instructor and company commander, Major Yuvraj Kadyan told, “He had no afraid of untoward occurrence. He was well familiar with the all boys. All they grew together. He was so influential personality to the locals that the few of the youths were desired to be like him. He had told me about them. We had discussed about the situations of south Kashmir; but he was confident that the situation that had worsened there would be normal soon.”
Where the fayaz’s popularity was irking in eyes of terror group, it was even a big jolt to their mal-intention. On alleged way, the deceiving conspiracy was carried out by his close knowing men. The chronology of this incident which took place in the valley is being tried to link the facts. The local Hizbul men were aware of lieutenant Fayaz were at home.
According to the police, “3 terrorist barged into Fayaz’s relative home in Sopia. Fayaz at that time was with his relative who was going to be married. The terrorists brought down Fayaz from the first floor of home. As the information is here, another group of armed terrorists was threatening to the groom.”
The young lieutenant, Umar Fayaz, was not interested that the bride, the groom and other relatives would face any of the trouble, so he went with the terrorists. The family gave no immediate information to the police. He was in think,  " Fayaz will be either threatened  or will be manhandled; but the terrorists will free him to go home back." ” The armed check post is one kilometer away from the place where Fayaz was abducted.”
The lieutenant Fayaz would have been saved if the information had been sent to the security forces exactly after the abduction. “We were able to begin the operation because a few of them were local boys whom villagers knew well. The terror motive appears to create the fearsome atmosphere by this incident in the village. They don’t want that the local youth try to join the police or army.”
 Major Avdhesh Chaudhry, instructor to lieutenant Fayaz, continued, “Their intention will never gain a success to reach to this extent. The resentment among the locals against the terrorists is mounting on the murder of earth's son.”
Some locals said that they comprehended that he was studying the MBBS course in place of being an army officers. The informers told that a few person told him it that they were surprised on being abducted a doctor by terrorists.
The security forces have vowed that the accused after being identified will be dealt with their destiny.
After 24 hrs of Lieutenant Fayaz’s martyrdom, thousands of youths were seen in queue to be recruited in J&K police. None forces can prevent them to live a better life with employment
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