US leaked secret identity of attacker

A suicidal bomb exploded in crowd 10 thousand people after a pop concert ended at Manchester. It’s a second big terror attack after 12 years in Britain.
22 people were killed and more than 59 were injured in this attack when the explosive wore man blew up himself in huge crowd.
 American Rock Star Ariana Grnte's concert was held at Manchester Foyar.
According to police, when the gathering's exit was continued at the concert, the assailant targeted the crowd. No Indian was trapped in the casualty.
Manchester that has been a witness of daily amusement became the target of terror attack; nobody can imagine it.
 Whatever happened on Tuesday morning this week was dreadful.
The people from the insensible panic were trying to escape, and the fearing face was enough to narrate the whole story of their grief. A few of them were searching their kin among the corpse.
The injured were rushed to hospital. An assailant body was recovered from the incident spot, so the Manchester police presumed the attack to be a suicidal attempt. While a special team of police is investigating the matter; actually it is trying to confirm about whom else was involved in hatching conspiracy with the assailant.
The outskirt areas of Manchester city sealed after the blast. None of the terror group has taken yet the responsibility of blast, but the IS is suspected. The IS supporters on social media pasted photo and were celebrating this attack; resulting this celebration the investigating agencies are assuming that there may be the hand of the IS behind this attack.
The explosion went off in Manchester Arena when Ariana Grandey’s pop singing was going on during the concert. The concert was going on Monday night. The police told that it got the call of bomb explosion at 10.35 evening. There was a huge crowd in the concert. The explosions sounds were heard at this time. A panic spread nearby. Arena was evacuated exactly after the blast.
Grandy spokesperson has told that she was safe. The plying of train from the Manchester Victoria station was halt. It was reported that the blast took place near Arena window.
The British government resented over the American leak of secret information related to Manchester attack. British officers scolded to their American counterparts for the shared information leaked about Manchester attack. The home secretary of Britain, Amber Rudd, scolded officers of American home ministry and other secret agencies. Actually these departments had disclosed the identity of attacker and other investigated material to the media, which they were delivered from Britain.
However New York Times gave impression to the photograph which had the scene of remains at the spot where bomb exploded. it appears clearly that the photographs were taken by Britain police and these were shared by Britain to the American officers. 

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