Youth tied over jeep bonnet resulted saving of several lives: says major Gogoi

Major Leetul Gogoi who used a youth tying as a shield ahead of Jeep to deal with stone throwers in Kashmir appeared first time before the Media, and narrated the whole incident. Gogoi said that, if we had not tied man on the bonnet of jeep, many men would have been killed on the spot.

Major Leetul Gogoi, National Rifle, has been awarded a citation sheet for this incident from Army Chief. Police has registered FIR against him in Kashmir. He recalls that day and has told that they were informed about the besieged polling station by 1200 people in Gondipura on 10 o’clock morning, and they were trying to set on ablaze this station by petrol bomb..
He continued that as they reached there with the quick response team, the crowd began the stone pelting over convoy. He saw a man who was arousing to the crowd of stone pelting -- and the stone throwing was going on under his leadership. He followed him, then the man began to flee, but his team got the success to catch him.

Major Gogoi said that As he caught that youth, the stone pelting stopped; and hence they reckoned the idea that, if the convoy had to be out with the safe passage among the crowd and had not to use any force over crowd, they would make the man shield. Major said that, if he did not do so and adopted the way of firing, many casualties might have happened."

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