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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Congress targeted on Modi government over ‘Indian administered Jammu-Kashmir’ statement

By on Thursday, June 29, 2017
The opposition party congress has asked the reply over the American statement ‘Indian administered J&K’ during Modi visit to America. Raising question over the Modi government, former finance minister P Chidamberam said on Wednesday how the America's statement was accepted by New Delhi?
Congress leader P Chidambaram tweeted “the word used in the official statement released by America is 'Indian administered Jammu- Kashmir': how India can accept it.”
  Sayed Salahuddin, Hizbul Mujahiddin Chief, whom  American foreign ministry declaring  international terrorist had said on Monday, " the terrorist organization has taken responsibility of many attacks, in which one of these had taken place on April 2014 in ‘Indian administered Jammu-Kashmir’, is included".
America’s statement came exactly before PM Modi’s meeting with the American president Donald Trump. Indian government had appreciated over America’s step, but congress has targeted on Modi government over ‘Indian administered Jammu-Kashmir’ statement.
Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that no media house can muster the courage to run this news.
He said, “It is very astounding American statement writing of ‘Indian administered Kashmir’”.

Why not India did protest it? There is no official statement by foreign minister, finance minister or PM so far. He said that the government should reply over this statement.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Employees of UPPCL staged Dharna for Pay anomalies

By on Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Suchit Bajpai:Lucknow
Under scorching heat wave, Vidyut Karmi Vetan Visangati joint front staged a Dharna on Wednesday at Gandhi statue at Hazratganj Lucknow.
They expressed their grudge by covered the black bandage on every mouths. A huge crowd of employees from the state were seen during this mute strike.
Mr Sunil Prakash Pal, State President of this front, told the city reporter, “Seven months ago, a committee by the corporation for the 7th pay commission purpose was constituted and this committee had invited the applications to revise the anomalies of pay before implementing the recommendation of 7 pay commission.
Several rounds of the talks and meeting to solve the problem of employees were held with the management; but the demands are still pending and the management is going to implement the recommendation of 7th pay commission."

He added, “The agitation will continue till the demands are considered by the management."

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Family mourns over murder of Kashmiri police officer; Mehbooba warns not to check discretion of police

By on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Vrinda Karat, Left leader, has given a big statement over the murder of Mohd Ayub Pandit, Dupity Suprintendent of Police in Shrinagar J&K. On the one hand where Ayub's murder has resented to the countrymen, Mrs. Karat not only defended Mirwaize in this matter on the second hand; but also advocated the talks with the separatist.
Karat said: this is not correct to stand Mirwaize responsible for the murder of DSP. She added: the Kashmir Problem is a political issue and this should be solved through the talks.

Left leader Karat said that the murder in this way of a police officer is shameful very much. However she said that she would not say it that Mirwaize is responsible for the DSP murder.
"How can we say that Mirwaize is responsible for this murder; our thoughts may differ, but we should evade standing Mirwaize responsible for the murder?
 It is to say that an outrage mob in Shrinagar on the Friday night lynched Mohd Ayub Pandit, Diputy Suprintendent of Police. Ayub was deployed on duty outside famous Jamia Masjid of Nauhata.
Some new information now in this matter is being exposed. According to report, that the mob would act such conduct had already scheduled.
A huge part of crowd roundedup him in surrounding, and began to thrash. The crowd was intermittently shouting slogans during this action. Two person have been arrested in the allegation of DSP Murder, third of them is being searched.
CM Mehbooba Mufti paid tribute after this incident to Mohd Ayub. Mehbooba Mufti told it a very shameful incident and said that the J & K police are very much able, but they are very much colloquial and prudent to deal with their own men.
Mehbooba Mufti said releasing warning to the traitors to let these peoples should not test the discretion of security forces.
It is noticeable, Ayuub Pandit's body was recovered outside Jamia Masjid on Friday morning in Nauhatta area of Shrinagar – this is the place where he was attacked! DGP SP Waid said after the death of Mohd Ayuub DSP that, as the crowd began to beat him, he fired two or three times over the mob in his defence – which injured some people.
He said that this will be investigated here whether this separatist leader (Mirwaiz) was present there or not. Waid said that Ayub was incharge of Jamia Masjid, and at the hour of attack he was alone there..
After the murder of Ayuub, the separatist leader Mirwaiz said that such incident has taken place near Nauhatta Masjid is unfortunate. Mirwaiz said that Police is used against us; consequently such incident takes place.
Security Forces has assumed that such incidents may increase. There is prepration for the 8th July as martyr's day to memorize Burhan Wani for which there will be deployed 2000 security personal in South Kashmir.
The armed forces have brought the swiftness in operation CASO & SADO. It is being said that the situation may stand in the coming days same as it is going on, which may trail up to 25th September until the session of United Nation may be held.

It is to tell that 8 Terrorists have been killed in the past week so far, which has created panics in the terrorists residing abroad. Armed forces are continuously trying to decode to the phone of Abbu Dujana.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wanderers in search of Arabian perks ensure to read this story

By on Friday, June 23, 2017
Kshitiz Kant, Lucknow;Sharad Dubey, Mumbai
The Saudi Arabian government has changed its laborers policy. The broadly spreading retail trading in Saudi, the locals are given preference. Not only retail, but the house and commercial construction’s bigger contracts also are allotted to the local firms and the small contracts are given to outsourcing.
The heavy recession in the construction works and because of declining price of crude oil in international market jerked economy of Saudi government has caused this change. The shortage in work and the bad days have begun for the Indian workers in the wake of recession. Many companies are not able to pay the salaries to the workers for the past three to four months. Thousands workers are now jobless and began to go back their homes.
The victim of economic recession, because of war in the past one year with the Yemen, and the cheap crude oil both have stopped the projects under construction of the big oil producing country of the world, Saudi Arabia.the Saudi government, because of crane accident during Haj pilgrimage in Mekkah, has already sealed the famous construction company like Saudi-bin –laden. The 20 thousands Indian of this company have been sent back
Saudi Ozar is not able to pay salaries to their workers nowadays. a few months ago, Saudi Ojar company was at its acme point. The company has sent back 185 indian drivers to home. Kuldeep Singh who returned from Yuksil company told he worked as a trolley driver and earned hefty money, but the economic condition of Saudi Arabia is not better nowadays. Companies are not able to pay the salaries, so the company began to the retrenchment of its workers. Kuladeep told the company has sent back 185 drivers; and next week, more than 200 drivers who are from Punjab mostly are returning to India.
It is noticeable that Saudi Arabia in the Arabian countries is mere country where more than 25 lakhs are Indian workers; drivers, plumbers; security guards, tyremen, electricians, and welders—all are working in the companies.
Mr Arun Kumar and Jai Kumar, the owner of ticketing agency JP International, situated at Mumbai, told that the big recruitment agencies like Traver Craft and Sound line which reserved more than 5000 air tickets every month for Arab countries has slashed it into 50 to 100.

Yusuf Patni,owner of Man Power Recruitment Travel AgenciesYuhso company situated at Mumbai; Ayaz Ahmad, owner of Nasir Overseas; and Shamsher, owner of Tawkul Manpower – all have told that the work at Arabia has slashed 70 to 80 percent. They have assumed that there are no new visas yet. The government will have to work out a solid solution immediately.

Infatuated daughter-in-law conspired sensational murder in Delhi

By on Friday, June 23, 2017

The hearer may be shocked after listening the hatched conspiracy of a daughter-in-law against the in-laws in Delhi. Actually, the woman has illicit relation with a gym trainer. She was as infatuated over gymnasium trainer as she executed hatching a sensational  murder of her in-laws including her hubby, but police exposed whole matter.
This daughter-in-law of Delhi has defeated many heinous criminals. A married woman, Minakshi, with her in-laws including hubby and babies, is the resident of Delhi. Minakshi used to go gym during the past many years. She falls in love with Abdul, gym trainer, two years ago.
The in-laws and the hubby of woman anyhow could know this illicit relationship. It caused extramarital strife in her home and the in-laws tried to convince Minakshi, but she was so captivate in Abdul’s love that she hatched the conspiracy to execute her hubby, babies and in-laws.
On Wednesday, Minakshi feeded overdose Anesthetics medicine to her hubby, babies and mother-in-law including eight family members. She cut throat of both her hubby and mother-in-law who were in unconscious stat exactly after. She was trying to produce this incident like a loot, so she pretended herself even in unconscious stat.
After this incident everybody were rushed to hospital where Minakshi’s hubby and the mother-in-law are in serious conditions. That the police investigated the case rapidly exposed a sensational conspiracy; consequently police arrested Minakshi and gym trainer, Abdul.

She told in police dragnet that she fed anesthetics medicine first; later she cut the throat of mother-in-law and hubby. She performed this task for her love. Abdul told that he was with her in love affair, but two years ago, her family members had known this affair, so the family members were tormenting Minakshi.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Australian court fined 180000 dollar over Coffee club owner

By on Thursday, June 22, 2017
Melbourne: The fines over the Indian origin owners of coffee club at Australia have been imposed. the report says a worker of this club was harassed. The imposed fines are amounting 180000 dollars.
Michael Jarrett, the judge of federal court, fined 30000 dollars over Sandeep Chokhani, and the company, under he and his wifes ownership, has been fined 150000 dollars. Mr Chokhani carried Brisbane coffee club with his wife.
An Indian worker who was working here had been intimidated by owner that if he had not paid 18000 dollars, his visa would have been cancelled.
the court found that Chokhani did not pay the salary to Indian worker for four months since November 2014 and also did not pay the salary for four week between February to march 2015.

later he paid 19300 dollars to the worker and said to return 18000 dollars and consequence of not being returned the specific amounts he would try to cancel the workers visa.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Exchange old, big bank notes by 20th July:RBI to Banks and Post Offices

By on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

India on Wednesday allowed banks and post offices to exchange old, big bank notes, which are no longer in circulation, with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in a month, provided these notes were collected by Dec. 30, 2016, a finance ministry statement said.
India's cooperative banks have also been allowed to exchange old currency notes with the RBI, if they had collected these notes by Nov. 14, the statement said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a shock move on Nov. 8 last year to ditch 500 rupee ($7.74) and 1,000 rupee ($15.48) notes - worth a combined $256 billion - that he said were fuelling corruption, being forged and even paying for attacks by militants who target India.

Team India needs coach like Bangar: Madan Lal, former cricketer

By on Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Anil Kumble, Indian cricket team coach, has resigned from his post. Kumble didn’t go to West Indies with the Indian cricket team and the news of now leaving of his coach post is reaching here. Madan Lal who played for Indian team who had bagged first cricket world cup, upholding it correct of leaving the coach post in this way by Anil Kumble, said that the team India is not perfect for coach like Kumble because it has the need of coach like Sanjey Bangar who dares not open his mouth.
In frown mood, Madanlal said to media that, if Kumble is not welcomed in Indian dressing room, he has no need to hold the coach post. If the coach put his view independently with the Indian team or has the different thinking than captain, the coach can never be tolerated. The resignation of Kumble is being told that the differences between Virat Kohli and  Kumble.

Madan Lal said that not only Captain Virat Kohli, but also BCCI did not like Anil Kumble; which backed up Kohli's rising against Kumble. It is routine practice in team India that captain always veto – all, whether is coach or selectors, have to ratify always captain.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Rihai Manch filed its statement over police lathicharge

By on Monday, June 19, 2017
Incident had taken place during protest against Bhopal encounter

Mohd. Shueb, Shakeel Qureshi and Anil Yadav, leader Rihai Manch, had lodged their statements on notice issued over the matter of lathicharge by UP Pollice when they were protesting against Bhopal’s fake encounter last year.
Mr. Shahnawaj Alam, in a press release, claimed that, as Rihai Manch activists reached to stage a Dharna at Gandhi Pratima situated at GPO in protest against Bhopal’s fake encounter, the police attacked the crowd and injured the leaders — namely, Rajeev Yadav and Shakeel Quereshi; and used force to beat them.
An FIR against police had been registered at Hazratganj Police Station, but no action has been taken against the police so far.
He alleged that the police, by registering FIR against 400 unidentified and 7 by names and manifesting it a criminal activity in lieu of criminal protest demonstration, showed that police intended it to make this protest campaign into an offence.
Police have said in its FIR that the demonstrators began to abuse to, and manhandling among, the police; while the viral video has cleared the aftermath situation that the police force, by rounded up the leaders of Rihai Manch, started lathicharge.
Manch spokesperson said: what had registered in the police FIR has revealed in it, “The crowd was using lewd comments against a specific community; while 7 of the accused are 3 Muslims and 4 Hindus communities?”
The question is raised here in this condition that, when the people of two communities were together, they were speaking lewd comments over which community?
This Dharna was for the innocents killed in Bhopal whom police have claimed to be killed in a fake encounter.
 In such conditions police statements that the crowd was engaged to comments over specific community clarify it that police have a self concept to dedicate a specific community.
If the police assume itself against 'of rising voice against the communalism', it clears that they felt themselves a part of these communal forces.
Rihai Manch spokesperson said that Chairman Mohd Shueb, Shakil Quereshi and Anil Yadav filed their statements appearing at Hajarat Ganj Police Station.
 They also filed even this in their statements that the police had lifted their sound system which they had lodged in FIR earlier; but the police had not disclosed in its FIR.

5 Maoist killed in Chhatisgarh-Bihar encounter

By on Monday, June 19, 2017
Two Naxalites have been gunned down in an encounter between police and Naxalites at Jhamui area in Bihar. Two weapons have been also recovered from their possession. The search operation was carried out by security forces at border area jungle of Jhamui. That it is a big achievement against the Naxalites has been claimed.
MS Bhatia, IG CRPF, told that a tip-off for the billet of Naxalites in Barmasia Jungle under Barhut police station area has been reported which caused a search operation. The encounter took place meanwhile. Two Naxalites were gunned down on the spot.
According to the information, Prem Pratap Singh, deputy commandant of Cobra battalion, and 131 CRPF battalion carried out a joint operation against Naxalites. 215 battalion of CRPF had besieged Naxalites from Bhimbandh.the battalion had 125 security force personnel; while naxalites were 50.
The encounter, which was begun at 2 Pm on Sunday afternoon under Aundhi police station in district Rajnandgav of Chhatisgarh between police and Naxalites, ended at 3.30 Pm. three Naxalites were claimed killed in this encounter. Police have recovered weapons; namely, 1 SLR,1 Insas, and I rifle and other items from their possession.
DM Awasthi, DG, told that the billet of Naxalites in Aundhi area of Ranjanadgav was reported by Intelligence on Sunday morning. the police force left for their searching on tip-off. The Naxlites  and the police were on front at 2 Pm. the encounter was carried out for the two hours.

The people of Chhuipali situated near National Highway-53 under Saraipali police station area in the district Mahasamund  of Chhatisgarh is under fear after the hand bills and banners of Naxalites recovered. Police have seized the banner and poster; and the police have begun to investigate the area. the 8-10 banners and hand bills on Sunday morning between villages, situated at NH-53, Chattigirola and Chhuipali were seen, and were reported to the police. The matter is under investigation after the banners and bills recovered. The banners and hand bills superscripted the matter of loan waiving of peasants.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

World Cup Hockey League semi final: India wins consecutive second time

By on Sunday, June 18, 2017
SV Sunil world cup qualifier 2018 (world cup hockey league)
All the eyes waiting where on champions trophy of final clash between India Vs Pakistan in London, in another report a happiest news has come from London a day before for Indian sports lovers. Actually India won second time consecutively in semi final of world cup hockey league (world cup qualifier 2018). India defeated Canada on Saturday by 3-0; exactly before this match India defeated Scotland by 4-1 goals on Thursday match.
The first goal shot from India on 5th minutes by SV Sunil in this hockey tournament at London. while Akashdeep and Sardar Singh on 10th and 18th minutes shoot two more goals. India and Pakistan both are in pool-B in Hockey Worldcup League semifinal. Now India and Pakistan will clash on18th June with their traditional rival. India and Pakistan are playing in cricket ground and the match of second innings is going on.
India is to face Netherlands on 20th June. Quarter final is on 22; semifinal on 24; and final match will be on 25th June. The second semifinal of Hockey World Cup League will take on from 8th July to 23rd in Johannesburg and final match from 1 December to 10 December will be played at Bhubaneswar.
These semifinals of this competition are the qualifier of hockey world cup to be held on 2018. 10 top teams moreover hosting country and 5 continental teams in this world cup will participate. India is the hosting country for this world-cup to be held on next year since 24th November to 16th December.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shia and Sunni Waqf Boards to be dissolved; and controlled by Administrator

By on Thursday, June 15, 2017
Tajdar Abbas Rizvi; Lucknow
Shia and Sunni Waqf boards in UP are to be dissolved earliest. The process has been begun after the CM Yogi Aditya Nath’s approval to dissolve Waqf boards which have been in limelight after several allegations of corruption have been obtained; and not merely this, the complaint for the inquiry of both the Waqf boards' corruption has been sent to the CBI.
These boards will be controlled by administrators for next a few days. Yogi, the state Chief Minister, has approved to dissolve both the Waqf boards; and these are to be dissolved as earliest, according to Mohisin Raza, the State Waqf Minister. He added, "After considering many legal facts, the process to dissolve both the boards has been begun."
Raza had assigned the reports to the CM Yogi, which was prepared separately by Waqf Council of India regarding Shia and Sunni Waqf Boards.
It is noticeable that there are the grave charges against the distribution of Shia and Sunni Waqf properties among themselves. The opposition in this connection had targeted over the Waqf minister, Azam Khan, during the tenure of SP Government. Here many cases of misappropriation of fund, and irregularities, had been found on these allegations recently when the inquiry was conducted by Waqf Council of India. Wasim Rizvi, present chairman, had been contemplated for his doubtful activity over the allegations of Shia Waqf Board.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


By on Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Satish Mahana, State Industries Minister of Uttar Pradesh, in a surprise visit to Government Press Aishbagh Lucknow raided the campus on Wednesday afternoon this week.
Mr Mahana, reaching to campus at lunch hour, was to know about the working of this government organisation. Mr B K Sonkar, Joint Director, one of his deputy Mr SK Pandey and his advisor Mr Dheeraj Mangal were present to attend minister’s curiosity. 
Many questions which were related to printing process were put-up and Mr Sonakar and Mr Pandey told him about the process.
He saw many printed material; could know the wastage of papers after the printing task; and learnt about docket charging to collect revenue.
 Minister was then interested to go the place where the printing work goes on and he, with Mr Sonkar, went to the spot, meanwhile the power supply next 10 minutes was cut.
The power supply was restarted by the generator machine. As the minister entered in the premises, it was lunch time of workers who at their press premises residence were having their lunch; and post lunch session, the workers were stayed outside the gate until the minister left the press.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Police arrested activists before arriving at Mandsaur, and released them

By on Sunday, June 11, 2017
The issue of police firing over the farmers is not going to be pacified. The political men’s sympathy to those who were killed -- signals that other parties cannot easily forsake the issue. Whether now say it was a false step of BJP; or say it was a fallacy of ruling BJP – pondering over this matter appears like a thrown ball.
The MP police arrested Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patkar, Swami Agnivesh including 30 more activists in Ratlam district on Sunday; later all they were released. All of these were going to Mandsaur to meet with the families of those farmers who were killed in the police firing. The police stopped these activists on arriving at Dhodar Toll Plaza in Zaora city of district Ratlam. All these were in custody at circuit house for half an hour.
They went from there after being released, told Deepak Kumar Shukla, City SP. Mohit Kumar Pandey, president JNUStudent Union and the delegates of farmers union were participants in these activists. Police announced there that their visit to Mandsaur may break the peace. It is too noticeable that the clamped curfew had been lifted from there, but the section 144 is still applicable.
After the arrest, Swaraj India political party leader, Mr Yadav told the media person, “Our arrest is against the law because there were no written orders to show us.”
He stressed that the group wanted to meet with peacefully the aggrieved families of farmers. They wanted to hand over a letter, and the earth of different places of country, to these families;
But we were not allowed.” According to the police, after being prohibited to go to Mandsaur, the activists in protest began to stage Dharna on Mahonimach highway. The traffic blockade took place for a while.
 They were shouting slogans against the government and pro the farmers.

Police said that the activists were arrested when they were emphasizing for the permission to enter into Mandsaur.the SDM Jaora, RP Verma, said that the police arrested them under section 151 IPC.

Congress besets BJP over farmers agitation

By on Sunday, June 11, 2017
The farmers’ agitation in MP and Maharashtra is turning into political wrestling. The BJP and the Congress both main parties of the country are appearing to be 'face to face' on the issue. Where the congress is intending to siege the government on the issue of farmers ‘stirs, the BJP has also hatched the strategy to defuse it. The opposition parties in the leadership of congress began to attack over the BJP’s union and state government over the agricultural crises and the loan waiving issues. The BJP government is planning to counter opposition on the issue of farmers’ plight; party is preparing to face the opposition attack together.
.BJP’s thinkers
BJP is not in mood to meet out the loan waiving demand of congress.
The party has already clarified that the state governments will have to take decision on the issue pof farmers.
It is most probable of MSP announcement exactly after coming back of PM from foreign trip, which has been decided on Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.
The BJP leader’s strategy is to disclose the foul play of congress behind the violence in various places including Mandsaur, and is to siege it.
Party's opinion of that the MODI magic will work again for the party side, exactly as it happened during demonetization.
The opposition had raised the voice of farmers and small businessmen ‘plight issue; but the win in UP brought the situation again in the favour of BJP.
The BJP is trying to highlight the steps has been taken by Modi government – namely, as loan waiving; Kisan Fasal Bima Yojna, swael health card; easy availability of Yuria for the farmers etc.
Congress steering strategists
The congress is intending to beleaguer the government on the issue around the country. Congress going ahead with this fight into UP including MP and Maharashtra wants to beset the government.
He congress steering strategist are planning to work out the  action in this connection. During his Mandsaur trip, Rahul Gandhi had announced that he would make 'loan waiving issue’ an agitation.
Ghaziabad may be its epicenter of battle ground. The farmers are continued their agitation in Mandola village in Ghaziabad with the demand of proper compensation.
Congress is intending to field Rahul Gandhi on this issue. According to information, congress is in an attempt to widen the issue by raising voice through Mahapanchayat. The leader of opposition from other party may join hands with Rahul Gandhi. Sharad Yadav,JDU leader, was on visit to Mandsaur with Rahul  before this.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Left office and Yechury were attacked during press conference held for farmers agitation

By on Thursday, June 08, 2017
Two men barged into CPM office at Delhi on Tuesday afternoon, and misbehaved with Sitaram Yechury. According to the report, they misbehaved with Yechury and shouted slogans against the party.
It is reported that the attack was executed at the hour when Yechury was going to address a press conference on farmers’ agitation in Madhya Pradesh.  The attackers were beaten by the party workers. Who were the men involved with the scuffle has not yet been known?
These young involved in scuffle were shouting slogan: ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. Both the attackers have been taken in police custody after the incident, and they are being quizzed.

It is said that the attackers have executed reacting over the issue of famous Bengali writers, Partha Chatterjee's write up, who has compared Army Chief Bipin Rawat like British General, Dyer.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Madhya Pradesh Farmers turn violent -- 5 killed in police firing

By on Wednesday, June 07, 2017
Congress Condemns Killing of Innocent Farmers
The agitation on road for 10 days by Madhya Pradesh farmers has turned violent for the proper rate of crops including other demands. The 5 farmers succumbed to the bullet injuries by police firing; many others were injured. Rastriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangh has warned to amplify it and Kisan Mazdoor Sangh has called the state Bandh on Wednesday.
The Chief Minister of State, Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan, has convened an emergency meeting to control the situation. He announced to accept all the appropriate demands of farmers and also ordered to judicial probe of the incident. He also announced the ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh each to the next kin of deceased.
The agitation sparked for not being paid the proper price to the formers’ product. What are they paying input for the crop are not being paid for the crop's produced which has worsened the condition of farmers and they are indebted.
The MP government has scheduled rate for wheat minimum supportive price Rs1625, but the government is not buying on the declared rate; consequently the farmers are selling it in stress Rs 1200 to 1300 per quintal to the Market. On high rate than the said rate no man is intending to buy the wheat. The onions and the oranges are being thrown because of the least rate than expected.
Bhartiy Kisan Sangh before this had taken the decision to end the agitation after the talks with chief minister, but other unions announced to adhere with the agitation. the RSS founded Rastriya Kisan Sangh took the decision to end the agitation, but the fronts of Bhartiya Kisan Union and Rastriya Kisan Mazdoor Union both have announced to adhere with their agitation.
This was ensured in the Ujjain meet that whatever the farmers sell in the mandi, the 50 percent will be paid to farmers in cash and 50 percent through RTGS to their accout. It also has been decided that the crop of Moong will be bought  in the said price.
Mr Shiv Kant Dixit of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh declared after the meeting that, since the government has accepted his all the demands, the agitation is postponed here. Rastriya Kissan Majdoor Sangh, condemning the agreement, said that the government in confusion is resorting such handling. The BKU said, "the strike was begun by us; so will be ended by us. These groups are still stand on strike."
The opposition party is targeting over Shivraj government after the death of 5 farmers in police firing during the demonstration at Mandsaur in MP. Where the congress leader Jyotindra Scindia, said the day, Black Day for the state; Rahul Gandhi strongly condemned the such behavior with innocent farmers in BJP’s new India.
Rahul twited, “our cereal providers are being given bullets for demanding their rights in BJP’s New India.’ Mr Digvijey Singh, former Chief Minister of MP,  asked the resignation of Shivraj Singh Chauhan; and said that the formers were killed for mere this crime that they were demanding the proper price for their crops.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Firing inside office; 5 killed in Florida

By on Tuesday, June 06, 2017
5 People have been reported killed during a firing incident in Orlando on Monday in Florida USA. Police confirming it said that the assailant shot himself. The administration has told that there is no active shooter on the spot and the situation is in control.
The incident of shooting has taken place in North-South of Orlando Industrial park. A big number of police force has been deployed on the incident spot.
The office of Orange County Sheriff has told that the incident was sadful. However the casualties and other information have not been disclosed. Police have told that there is no endangering situation for local community.
Orange County has said on twitter that the information related with this incidents will early share. However, according to information, single shooter was on the spot (he may be old servant), who was firing inside the office. The news has been released that the incident has no link with terror incident. There is no information about the alive shooter.

It is noticeable that 49 people were killed and at least 58 were injured in the firing incident last year on 12th June in Pulse Light Club at Orlando.

Monday, June 05, 2017

UGC changed rules for enrolling in PhD

By on Monday, June 05, 2017
UGC has changed the PhD aspirants' enrollment rules and uploaded the rules over the website. Now it is tough task to get admission in PhD. The stake holder may give the feedback till 15th June for the revision of these rules.
Draft regulation has suggested that the institutions under grade III institution will provide the admission to those candidates who have passed NET, SLET or SET exam.
According to UGC, if University I has got recognition from NAAC with score 3.5 or more than it, or it has maintained ranking intermittently two years among top 50 institutions of NIRF will be said 'University I'.
According to UGC, if University II has got recognition from NAAC with score between 3.01 to 3.49, and it has maintained ranking intermittently two years among top 51 to100 institutions of NIRF will be said university II.

According to UGC, the grade III University will not be count in Grade I or in Grade II. According to new rule the candidates who have passed NET or SELT or SET will be eligible to get admission in Grade 3 institutions.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Funeral blasts in Kabul, killed 18; injured more than30

By on Saturday, June 03, 2017
18 people were killed in a bomb blast during the dead body escort to funeral in Afganistan Saturday this week. More than 30 people came in the blast range, have been injured in Khair Khana areas of Kabul. The incident took place during to escort Salim Ijedar’s body for funeral
The witness of this incident, the son of Mohd Alam  Ijadyar, a renowned leader of Afganistan, told the whole story. According to him, many people were killed and many injured during to escort the dead body for funeral.
According to Afghani Media,” the bomb exploded during clash between Police and rebels. The terror spread by consecutive 3 blasts went off. All these blasts took place in graveyard of Khair Khana.”
Before this, on 31 May a powerful bomb explosion took place near the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan. 80 People had died in this blast. More than 325 people had got injured in this blast.
He had died on Friday during protest in front of President House in Kabul. Saleem Ijedaar was one of those Protestors, who were protesting for the security reasons in Country against the attack took place on 31 May.  Police first tried water gun to disperse the protesters crowd, and then they used tear gas shells. Police had started firing while seeing the protesters coming towards President House, whose prey he was.

President Ashraf Ghani has issued statement from his Office and condemned this incident. He said, ‘Country is facing attacks.’ In this situation we all have to be United and Powerful.


By on Saturday, June 03, 2017
The Dalit icon, Mayawati’s politics, would have been ended, if the BJP had not saved her in 'Guest House' incident; but the politics teaches different combination to the leaders to find democratic numbers. Yes, its signal began to receive now.
The lost vote banks of different parties to the BJP, the ideology of different communities will go together for their leaders.
 The opposition parties began to join each other, why? The reason is to face Modi.
The SP and BSP in UP, both absolute opposite parties to each other are going to share dais in second chance on 27th August by the efforts of Congress and Lalu Yadav.
Mayawati and Mulayam’s supporters may be together after 22 years hate struggle.
It is noticeable that  SP-BSP had had unprecedented alliance in 1993 and Mulayam had taken power.
The alliance came in practice during the president rule imposed after Babri demolition.
The polarization in society was soaring in the wake of Mandir- Maszid dispute.
In the wake of the situation, the most opposite parties now, Mulayam Singh and Mayawati then oppotunists decided to fight election together.
Both parties were fail to reach clear majorities in the UP Assembly, and the alliance had taken UP power on 4th December 1993.
But the internal pique resulted into withdrawing the support by BSP from SP, and the SP government was short in majority and had lost its power in the state.
After this, Mayawati joined hand with the BJP and formed her government on 3rd June 1995.
The SP and BSP alliance had broken on 2nd June 1995 since today 22 years ago. A big upheaval and changes were seen after this incident in the state politics.
The 2nd June 1995 has its own history; but, to surf on the waves surge of BJP majority, the SP and BSP both are ready to talk about to go together.
The RJD chief Lalu Yadav who had defeated BJP by joining hand with Nitish  in Bihar is trying to initiate this alliance.
The SP and BSP both have given indications that the expected alliance may be founded in the rally to be held by Lalu Yadav in Patna on 27th August.
Mayawati has said recently that she is affirmative to join hand with any political parties to defeat the BJP. Akhilesh has repeatedly said all the parties to be together.
He has recently said in Kannauj that, if any alliance is to be announced, that will be in Patna on 27th August.
Lalu has talked with Akhilesh to attend the Patna rally; while to attend this rally by Mayawati is still doubtful.
The 22 years old sour relation between both the parties is not easy to forget. However many things in both the parties have changed.
Then the SP chief was Mulayam Singh Yadav; now the party is in Akhilesh Yadav's control.
What had happened in UP politics on 2nd June 1995 may seldom or never happen. Mayawati cannot forget the day and the moment in her life forever. 
The day can be said black day of the state politics.
An aggressive crowd was intending to attack on Mayawati's modesty to teach her lesson. The incident is said to be the 'Guest House' incident in UP politics, and is a black-spot over the face of Indian politics.
Several arguments are held on the matter, but it is also a point of discussion today about what had happened in the VIP Guest House in Lucknow on 2nd June 1995.
The narration of whole incident in the 'Guest House' of the day can be obtained in a book ‘Behanji’ a story base on life of Mayawati, written by Ajay Bose.
Actually, after the support withdrawn by Mayawati, the government of Mulayam was in crisis and to save it the political horse trading started.
When the talk eventually failed, the SP workers and MLAs reached to state guest house at Meerabai Marg where Mayawati was staying in room no.1.
According to information, the BSP supremo who was bolted inside room of guest house was misbehaved, assaulted and her cloth was torn on that day. 
She was narrowly escaped by a few responsible police officers and BJP leaders.
It was her lesson that she changed her wearing costume. She used to wear Sari; but since then she began to wear Salwar Kurta.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Woman gang-raped in KGMU campus during her husband's treatment

By on Friday, June 02, 2017

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An incident of gang-rape in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh at King George Meical University Lucknow has been executed. On the complaint of victim the case against two serving men in Medical college have been registered under IPC 376; one of them has been booked another is absconded.
According to information, a woman from Hardoi district had come to get treatment of her husband in KGMU. During this time, three liftman name Vinay, Santosh and Shiv Kumar, pretending to help her get the food, made her kidnapped and then they did her raping in the medical college campus. She got rid anyhow from their dragnet and told the whole story.

The victim has told that she is here to get treatment of her husband, and Shiv Kumar had taken her to get the food on Wednesday night to his room where Santosh and Vinay were present there already. Trio took her in their trap by force and raped her. Police has arrested a man in this connection.