Australian court fined 180000 dollar over Coffee club owner

Melbourne: The fines over the Indian origin owners of coffee club at Australia have been imposed. the report says a worker of this club was harassed. The imposed fines are amounting 180000 dollars.
Michael Jarrett, the judge of federal court, fined 30000 dollars over Sandeep Chokhani, and the company, under he and his wifes ownership, has been fined 150000 dollars. Mr Chokhani carried Brisbane coffee club with his wife.
An Indian worker who was working here had been intimidated by owner that if he had not paid 18000 dollars, his visa would have been cancelled.
the court found that Chokhani did not pay the salary to Indian worker for four months since November 2014 and also did not pay the salary for four week between February to march 2015.

later he paid 19300 dollars to the worker and said to return 18000 dollars and consequence of not being returned the specific amounts he would try to cancel the workers visa.

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