Congress besets BJP over farmers agitation

The farmers’ agitation in MP and Maharashtra is turning into political wrestling. The BJP and the Congress both main parties of the country are appearing to be 'face to face' on the issue. Where the congress is intending to siege the government on the issue of farmers ‘stirs, the BJP has also hatched the strategy to defuse it. The opposition parties in the leadership of congress began to attack over the BJP’s union and state government over the agricultural crises and the loan waiving issues. The BJP government is planning to counter opposition on the issue of farmers’ plight; party is preparing to face the opposition attack together.
.BJP’s thinkers
BJP is not in mood to meet out the loan waiving demand of congress.
The party has already clarified that the state governments will have to take decision on the issue pof farmers.
It is most probable of MSP announcement exactly after coming back of PM from foreign trip, which has been decided on Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.
The BJP leader’s strategy is to disclose the foul play of congress behind the violence in various places including Mandsaur, and is to siege it.
Party's opinion of that the MODI magic will work again for the party side, exactly as it happened during demonetization.
The opposition had raised the voice of farmers and small businessmen ‘plight issue; but the win in UP brought the situation again in the favour of BJP.
The BJP is trying to highlight the steps has been taken by Modi government – namely, as loan waiving; Kisan Fasal Bima Yojna, swael health card; easy availability of Yuria for the farmers etc.
Congress steering strategists
The congress is intending to beleaguer the government on the issue around the country. Congress going ahead with this fight into UP including MP and Maharashtra wants to beset the government.
He congress steering strategist are planning to work out the  action in this connection. During his Mandsaur trip, Rahul Gandhi had announced that he would make 'loan waiving issue’ an agitation.
Ghaziabad may be its epicenter of battle ground. The farmers are continued their agitation in Mandola village in Ghaziabad with the demand of proper compensation.
Congress is intending to field Rahul Gandhi on this issue. According to information, congress is in an attempt to widen the issue by raising voice through Mahapanchayat. The leader of opposition from other party may join hands with Rahul Gandhi. Sharad Yadav,JDU leader, was on visit to Mandsaur with Rahul  before this.

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