Firing inside office; 5 killed in Florida

5 People have been reported killed during a firing incident in Orlando on Monday in Florida USA. Police confirming it said that the assailant shot himself. The administration has told that there is no active shooter on the spot and the situation is in control.
The incident of shooting has taken place in North-South of Orlando Industrial park. A big number of police force has been deployed on the incident spot.
The office of Orange County Sheriff has told that the incident was sadful. However the casualties and other information have not been disclosed. Police have told that there is no endangering situation for local community.
Orange County has said on twitter that the information related with this incidents will early share. However, according to information, single shooter was on the spot (he may be old servant), who was firing inside the office. The news has been released that the incident has no link with terror incident. There is no information about the alive shooter.

It is noticeable that 49 people were killed and at least 58 were injured in the firing incident last year on 12th June in Pulse Light Club at Orlando.

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