Funeral blasts in Kabul, killed 18; injured more than30

18 people were killed in a bomb blast during the dead body escort to funeral in Afganistan Saturday this week. More than 30 people came in the blast range, have been injured in Khair Khana areas of Kabul. The incident took place during to escort Salim Ijedar’s body for funeral
The witness of this incident, the son of Mohd Alam  Ijadyar, a renowned leader of Afganistan, told the whole story. According to him, many people were killed and many injured during to escort the dead body for funeral.
According to Afghani Media,” the bomb exploded during clash between Police and rebels. The terror spread by consecutive 3 blasts went off. All these blasts took place in graveyard of Khair Khana.”
Before this, on 31 May a powerful bomb explosion took place near the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan. 80 People had died in this blast. More than 325 people had got injured in this blast.
He had died on Friday during protest in front of President House in Kabul. Saleem Ijedaar was one of those Protestors, who were protesting for the security reasons in Country against the attack took place on 31 May.  Police first tried water gun to disperse the protesters crowd, and then they used tear gas shells. Police had started firing while seeing the protesters coming towards President House, whose prey he was.

President Ashraf Ghani has issued statement from his Office and condemned this incident. He said, ‘Country is facing attacks.’ In this situation we all have to be United and Powerful.

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