Infatuated daughter-in-law conspired sensational murder in Delhi

The hearer may be shocked after listening the hatched conspiracy of a daughter-in-law against the in-laws in Delhi. Actually, the woman has illicit relation with a gym trainer. She was as infatuated over gymnasium trainer as she executed hatching a sensational  murder of her in-laws including her hubby, but police exposed whole matter.
This daughter-in-law of Delhi has defeated many heinous criminals. A married woman, Minakshi, with her in-laws including hubby and babies, is the resident of Delhi. Minakshi used to go gym during the past many years. She falls in love with Abdul, gym trainer, two years ago.
The in-laws and the hubby of woman anyhow could know this illicit relationship. It caused extramarital strife in her home and the in-laws tried to convince Minakshi, but she was so captivate in Abdul’s love that she hatched the conspiracy to execute her hubby, babies and in-laws.
On Wednesday, Minakshi feeded overdose Anesthetics medicine to her hubby, babies and mother-in-law including eight family members. She cut throat of both her hubby and mother-in-law who were in unconscious stat exactly after. She was trying to produce this incident like a loot, so she pretended herself even in unconscious stat.
After this incident everybody were rushed to hospital where Minakshi’s hubby and the mother-in-law are in serious conditions. That the police investigated the case rapidly exposed a sensational conspiracy; consequently police arrested Minakshi and gym trainer, Abdul.

She told in police dragnet that she fed anesthetics medicine first; later she cut the throat of mother-in-law and hubby. She performed this task for her love. Abdul told that he was with her in love affair, but two years ago, her family members had known this affair, so the family members were tormenting Minakshi.

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