Madhya Pradesh Farmers turn violent -- 5 killed in police firing

Congress Condemns Killing of Innocent Farmers
The agitation on road for 10 days by Madhya Pradesh farmers has turned violent for the proper rate of crops including other demands. The 5 farmers succumbed to the bullet injuries by police firing; many others were injured. Rastriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangh has warned to amplify it and Kisan Mazdoor Sangh has called the state Bandh on Wednesday.
The Chief Minister of State, Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan, has convened an emergency meeting to control the situation. He announced to accept all the appropriate demands of farmers and also ordered to judicial probe of the incident. He also announced the ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh each to the next kin of deceased.
The agitation sparked for not being paid the proper price to the formers’ product. What are they paying input for the crop are not being paid for the crop's produced which has worsened the condition of farmers and they are indebted.
The MP government has scheduled rate for wheat minimum supportive price Rs1625, but the government is not buying on the declared rate; consequently the farmers are selling it in stress Rs 1200 to 1300 per quintal to the Market. On high rate than the said rate no man is intending to buy the wheat. The onions and the oranges are being thrown because of the least rate than expected.
Bhartiy Kisan Sangh before this had taken the decision to end the agitation after the talks with chief minister, but other unions announced to adhere with the agitation. the RSS founded Rastriya Kisan Sangh took the decision to end the agitation, but the fronts of Bhartiya Kisan Union and Rastriya Kisan Mazdoor Union both have announced to adhere with their agitation.
This was ensured in the Ujjain meet that whatever the farmers sell in the mandi, the 50 percent will be paid to farmers in cash and 50 percent through RTGS to their accout. It also has been decided that the crop of Moong will be bought  in the said price.
Mr Shiv Kant Dixit of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh declared after the meeting that, since the government has accepted his all the demands, the agitation is postponed here. Rastriya Kissan Majdoor Sangh, condemning the agreement, said that the government in confusion is resorting such handling. The BKU said, "the strike was begun by us; so will be ended by us. These groups are still stand on strike."
The opposition party is targeting over Shivraj government after the death of 5 farmers in police firing during the demonstration at Mandsaur in MP. Where the congress leader Jyotindra Scindia, said the day, Black Day for the state; Rahul Gandhi strongly condemned the such behavior with innocent farmers in BJP’s new India.
Rahul twited, “our cereal providers are being given bullets for demanding their rights in BJP’s New India.’ Mr Digvijey Singh, former Chief Minister of MP,  asked the resignation of Shivraj Singh Chauhan; and said that the formers were killed for mere this crime that they were demanding the proper price for their crops.

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