Rihai Manch filed its statement over police lathicharge

Incident had taken place during protest against Bhopal encounter

Mohd. Shueb, Shakeel Qureshi and Anil Yadav, leader Rihai Manch, had lodged their statements on notice issued over the matter of lathicharge by UP Pollice when they were protesting against Bhopal’s fake encounter last year.
Mr. Shahnawaj Alam, in a press release, claimed that, as Rihai Manch activists reached to stage a Dharna at Gandhi Pratima situated at GPO in protest against Bhopal’s fake encounter, the police attacked the crowd and injured the leaders — namely, Rajeev Yadav and Shakeel Quereshi; and used force to beat them.
An FIR against police had been registered at Hazratganj Police Station, but no action has been taken against the police so far.
He alleged that the police, by registering FIR against 400 unidentified and 7 by names and manifesting it a criminal activity in lieu of criminal protest demonstration, showed that police intended it to make this protest campaign into an offence.
Police have said in its FIR that the demonstrators began to abuse to, and manhandling among, the police; while the viral video has cleared the aftermath situation that the police force, by rounded up the leaders of Rihai Manch, started lathicharge.
Manch spokesperson said: what had registered in the police FIR has revealed in it, “The crowd was using lewd comments against a specific community; while 7 of the accused are 3 Muslims and 4 Hindus communities?”
The question is raised here in this condition that, when the people of two communities were together, they were speaking lewd comments over which community?
This Dharna was for the innocents killed in Bhopal whom police have claimed to be killed in a fake encounter.
 In such conditions police statements that the crowd was engaged to comments over specific community clarify it that police have a self concept to dedicate a specific community.
If the police assume itself against 'of rising voice against the communalism', it clears that they felt themselves a part of these communal forces.
Rihai Manch spokesperson said that Chairman Mohd Shueb, Shakil Quereshi and Anil Yadav filed their statements appearing at Hajarat Ganj Police Station.
 They also filed even this in their statements that the police had lifted their sound system which they had lodged in FIR earlier; but the police had not disclosed in its FIR.

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