The Dalit icon, Mayawati’s politics, would have been ended, if the BJP had not saved her in 'Guest House' incident; but the politics teaches different combination to the leaders to find democratic numbers. Yes, its signal began to receive now.
The lost vote banks of different parties to the BJP, the ideology of different communities will go together for their leaders.
 The opposition parties began to join each other, why? The reason is to face Modi.
The SP and BSP in UP, both absolute opposite parties to each other are going to share dais in second chance on 27th August by the efforts of Congress and Lalu Yadav.
Mayawati and Mulayam’s supporters may be together after 22 years hate struggle.
It is noticeable that  SP-BSP had had unprecedented alliance in 1993 and Mulayam had taken power.
The alliance came in practice during the president rule imposed after Babri demolition.
The polarization in society was soaring in the wake of Mandir- Maszid dispute.
In the wake of the situation, the most opposite parties now, Mulayam Singh and Mayawati then oppotunists decided to fight election together.
Both parties were fail to reach clear majorities in the UP Assembly, and the alliance had taken UP power on 4th December 1993.
But the internal pique resulted into withdrawing the support by BSP from SP, and the SP government was short in majority and had lost its power in the state.
After this, Mayawati joined hand with the BJP and formed her government on 3rd June 1995.
The SP and BSP alliance had broken on 2nd June 1995 since today 22 years ago. A big upheaval and changes were seen after this incident in the state politics.
The 2nd June 1995 has its own history; but, to surf on the waves surge of BJP majority, the SP and BSP both are ready to talk about to go together.
The RJD chief Lalu Yadav who had defeated BJP by joining hand with Nitish  in Bihar is trying to initiate this alliance.
The SP and BSP both have given indications that the expected alliance may be founded in the rally to be held by Lalu Yadav in Patna on 27th August.
Mayawati has said recently that she is affirmative to join hand with any political parties to defeat the BJP. Akhilesh has repeatedly said all the parties to be together.
He has recently said in Kannauj that, if any alliance is to be announced, that will be in Patna on 27th August.
Lalu has talked with Akhilesh to attend the Patna rally; while to attend this rally by Mayawati is still doubtful.
The 22 years old sour relation between both the parties is not easy to forget. However many things in both the parties have changed.
Then the SP chief was Mulayam Singh Yadav; now the party is in Akhilesh Yadav's control.
What had happened in UP politics on 2nd June 1995 may seldom or never happen. Mayawati cannot forget the day and the moment in her life forever. 
The day can be said black day of the state politics.
An aggressive crowd was intending to attack on Mayawati's modesty to teach her lesson. The incident is said to be the 'Guest House' incident in UP politics, and is a black-spot over the face of Indian politics.
Several arguments are held on the matter, but it is also a point of discussion today about what had happened in the VIP Guest House in Lucknow on 2nd June 1995.
The narration of whole incident in the 'Guest House' of the day can be obtained in a book ‘Behanji’ a story base on life of Mayawati, written by Ajay Bose.
Actually, after the support withdrawn by Mayawati, the government of Mulayam was in crisis and to save it the political horse trading started.
When the talk eventually failed, the SP workers and MLAs reached to state guest house at Meerabai Marg where Mayawati was staying in room no.1.
According to information, the BSP supremo who was bolted inside room of guest house was misbehaved, assaulted and her cloth was torn on that day. 
She was narrowly escaped by a few responsible police officers and BJP leaders.
It was her lesson that she changed her wearing costume. She used to wear Sari; but since then she began to wear Salwar Kurta.

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