Wanderers in search of Arabian perks ensure to read this story

Kshitiz Kant, Lucknow;Sharad Dubey, Mumbai
The Saudi Arabian government has changed its laborers policy. The broadly spreading retail trading in Saudi, the locals are given preference. Not only retail, but the house and commercial construction’s bigger contracts also are allotted to the local firms and the small contracts are given to outsourcing.
The heavy recession in the construction works and because of declining price of crude oil in international market jerked economy of Saudi government has caused this change. The shortage in work and the bad days have begun for the Indian workers in the wake of recession. Many companies are not able to pay the salaries to the workers for the past three to four months. Thousands workers are now jobless and began to go back their homes.
The victim of economic recession, because of war in the past one year with the Yemen, and the cheap crude oil both have stopped the projects under construction of the big oil producing country of the world, Saudi Arabia.the Saudi government, because of crane accident during Haj pilgrimage in Mekkah, has already sealed the famous construction company like Saudi-bin –laden. The 20 thousands Indian of this company have been sent back
Saudi Ozar is not able to pay salaries to their workers nowadays. a few months ago, Saudi Ojar company was at its acme point. The company has sent back 185 indian drivers to home. Kuldeep Singh who returned from Yuksil company told he worked as a trolley driver and earned hefty money, but the economic condition of Saudi Arabia is not better nowadays. Companies are not able to pay the salaries, so the company began to the retrenchment of its workers. Kuladeep told the company has sent back 185 drivers; and next week, more than 200 drivers who are from Punjab mostly are returning to India.
It is noticeable that Saudi Arabia in the Arabian countries is mere country where more than 25 lakhs are Indian workers; drivers, plumbers; security guards, tyremen, electricians, and welders—all are working in the companies.
Mr Arun Kumar and Jai Kumar, the owner of ticketing agency JP International, situated at Mumbai, told that the big recruitment agencies like Traver Craft and Sound line which reserved more than 5000 air tickets every month for Arab countries has slashed it into 50 to 100.

Yusuf Patni,owner of Man Power Recruitment Travel AgenciesYuhso company situated at Mumbai; Ayaz Ahmad, owner of Nasir Overseas; and Shamsher, owner of Tawkul Manpower – all have told that the work at Arabia has slashed 70 to 80 percent. They have assumed that there are no new visas yet. The government will have to work out a solid solution immediately.

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