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Sunday, July 30, 2017

India means for me – Indira Gandhi: Mehbooba Mufti

By on Sunday, July 30, 2017
Mehbooba Mufti,CM of J&K, has warned for any alteration in the article 35(A) of Indian constitution on Friday, which is being argued in the Apex court. This constitutional article confers the power to the state assembly to provide the privilege and to define the permanent residents. Mehbooba defending the power of article said: any alteration of this article will give bad consequence and this will mean that none will be able to save Indian national flag in Jammu and Kashmir.
She has added that this will endanger the activists and the workers of NC and PDP like state level main stream parties, who rigidly stand to hoist the national flag in Kashmir.
PDP president in Kashmir during a programe said that any type of alteration will not be accepted in the article. Absolutely here is no hesitation to say that, if article is deleted, none will touch National flag's body in Kashmir – I clarify it here.
The article 35(A) has been challenged to its legal base in the Apex court by an NGO, named “We the citizen”. This article never came in the parliament house and it was implemented by the President order, the petition said. The conferred powers to then president, Dr Rajendra Prasad, under article 370 exercised his power to enact ‘ the constitution order 1954 ( Application for J&K)’ this provision.
Mehbooba Mufti praised PM Modi’s leadership, but she has said that she has the meaning of India – Indira Gandhi! She said during a programme relating Kashmir in National capital that, as is being shown about India in prime time at television, she is disappointed because it deeps the ditch between India and Kashmir. She said she does not know such India that is being shown in the 'aggressive television discussion'.
The CM said that I am sad saying so, that the television anchors show, which image of India, is not about to India... which India I know is not for that. She said pointing towards (RSS) disliking of Nehru-Gandhi family, “India means for me – Indira Gandhi. As I was growing, they led India for me. May be some people do not like — but she was India."
Mehbooba said, “I want to see that India which has a groan and feels pain of Kashmir; that India which hug us on our conditions. We are differ in other state which has much diversity in everything and religion. Kashmir is a small India in India. The CM has expressed her hope to PM Modi that PM will solve the issue of J&K."
She said, “It seems me that PM Modi is a personality of this hour. He may be the personality of history and his leadership is a property which needs to be exploited — and to work together, there should be way of solution for Kashmir to be out from crises.”

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Panama Paper Leak Case cut Nawaz Sharif's tenure short; his younger brother to be next PM of Pak

By on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pakistani PM Nawaj Sharif has lost his post after being dubbed culprit of 'Panama paper leak' matter. Shahbaj Shariff, younger brother of Nawaj, will be next Pakistani PM. Nawaj Shariff’s party Pakistani Muslim League after its high level meeting has decided to make Shahbaj PM. The hierarchy of party has announced this. However Shahbaj is not the MP of Pakistani lower house, in the wake of this he cannot be immediate PM of Pakistan. Someone else will be the PM for next 45 days and a meeting is to be held in Islamabad for this purpose on Saturday.
Pakistan Supreme Court has stood culprit PM Nawaz Sharif in Panama paper leak case; consequently he cannot hold the PM post. it is noticeable that joint investigation team had been constituted by Pak SC in Panama Paper Leak case on 20 April 2017, which submitted its 7 week long investigation report before supreme court on 10 th july. JIT quizzed 8 family members including Nawaj Sharif during these 7 week.
7May 2017: JIT called journalist Umar Chima and Tarik Shafi, owner of Hudaibia Paper Mill.
19 May 2017: JIT summoned Hammad-bin-Jasim al-thani, prince of Qutar to appear on 25 May. However he did not appear in person before JIT, but he sent his respond in writing, appealing it to be considered his statement.
22 May 2017; JIT submitted its first 15 days investigating process report to SC after JIT’s forming. JIT included even all the allegations which were said over it.
28 May 2017: Hussain Nawaj appeared before JIT first time. Hussain Nawaj appeared before JIT 6 times only and he was quizzed only 30 hours during these days.
2JUNE 2017: Hasan Nawaj appeared before JIT first time. Hassan Nawj appeared second chance on June 8 th after it. JIT only inquired Hasan Nawaj only 12 hours.
8-14 june 2017: JIT summoned to PM Nawaj Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, ShahBaj Sharif, and PM’s son in law, captain Safdar on next week to appear for inquiry.
15 June 2017: PM Nawaj Sharif appeared first time before JIT and JIT quizzed him for 3 hours.

17th June 2017: chief minister of Punjab, Mohd Shahbaj Sharif, appeared before JIT which quizzed him 3.5 hours.

5 July 2017: Maryam Nawaj, daughter of Nawaj Sharif appeared before JIT and she was quizzed till 2 hours.

10 July 2017: JIT submitted its final report to 3 members execution bench of Supreme Court.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Two Indian-Origin Muslim women were raped; one of them was murdered in UK

By on Thursday, July 27, 2017

An Indian Origin Muslim girl,19,  was raped and killed in Britain.   An honour killing case is suspected here.
According to Media, the damsel was murdered after a relation with Muslim boy from Arab. The incident took place on Wednesday last week.
Some unidentified men abducted two girls and take to Kingston South-West London where both were raped -- then one of them was murdered; second girl,  20, was tried to slit the throat.
police recovered the dead body from house on her information.
Autopsy report revealed the cause of death as an incised wound to the neck. police has arrested two men, Muzahid Arshid and his friend, Vincet Tapu, 28 years; and produced before Wimbledon court.

The prosecuting, Binita Roscoe said the deceased in relation with an Arabian boy whom her family did not accept because of her being Indian Origin Muslim.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

CBI took 5 arrested accused in judicial custody in Shimla: Gudiya murder case

By on Wednesday, July 26, 2017
The investigating CBI to Gudiya gang-rape and murder case in Shimla has released two Mobile No 8219885920 and 8219893550. The mobile Numbers have been released officially for the information. Anybody can deliver the information to CBI through Whatsapp and SMS.
CBI has requested to the Deputy Commissioner Shimla to advertise the mobile numbers in the state. CBI has taken all accused from court under custody. the arrested person Rajendra Singh alias Raju, Subhash Bisht, Lokjan alias Chhotu and Ashish Chauhan are under judicial custody. All the accused were produced before Thiyog Court on Tuseday.
The CBI on 22nd July has registered the FIR in this case on High Court order. The SIT of HP police was investigating this case exactly before. Police had claimed that Gudiya was gang-raped in the forest; but the people state that the incident was executed somewhere else. The CBI, to know the truth, will recreate the crime scene of the incident spot.
More than 5 thousand people of Gumma town 24 Panchayats gathered and had  protested for voice of justice. The outrage crowd had staged obstruction till 7 hours on Thiyog- Hatkothi national highway. the resentment of people were seen when they began the sabotage; and  SDM Tashi Sandoop was shut inside the room.

Officer's apathy to provide information resulted costly

By on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

  Chief Public Information Commissioner UP imposed Rs10000 fine over Cultural Directorate.  Mr Dabir Siddiqui, Secretary Theatre and Film Welfare Association had filed an application to obtain on 7 points based information in September 2015 under public information act, but the Public Information Officer of this department delivered half baked information.
Under section 19/3, secretary of Association requested another appeal before Chief          Public Information Commissioner who scheduled a date for providing  information in the month of May this year; but the Public Information Officer of this department neither appeared nor provided the requisite information to applicant before commissioner.

    Hafiz Usmani, further providing another chance, held another date on 24th july this month for hearing the case, but it was futile; since he did not appeared before commissioner, he was fined Rs 10000.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

President Pranab Mukherjee Addressed to Nation

By on Tuesday, July 25, 2017
In the last message of his tenure, President, Pranab Mukherjee repeated the mahatma’s dream of seeing india as the inclusive nation and said: we shall have to empower the poorest men. he congratulated next president and wished the bright future of country.
I have no preach
The development is possible only by equality; respect is the need to every class and religions.
Violence free society is India’s interest
Maintain India’s plurality
The thought of others cannot be dishonored
Higher institution will have to upgrade on global level.
The interruptions in the education system will have to accept
The universities should not be the place of learning
Mental freedom is the need to enhance
Gandhi JI looked India as inclusive nation.
The poorest of the poor will have to empower
Healthy and happiest life is the right of every citizen
The aim of happiness is continuous development
The eradication of poverty will bring absolute happiness

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Transformation of Secularism

By on Sunday, July 23, 2017

The tenure of 13th president is going to be end on 24th July. The history is witness of its time that many of the high profile personalities who have been recognized in the world were clerks.
 Our 13th president, Mr Pranb Mukherjee, is going to retire from president post on July 24th. Newly elected President, Mr Ram Nath Kovind will take oath in central hall of parliament forenoon 12.15 O’clock on 25 July.
The squads of trio Indian army are to go to Mr Kovind's old home to take him, and then sitting him in Buggy he is to be carried from there to the President house.
President Pranab Mukherjee, and Mr Ram Nath Kovind both together will go to central hall at parliament from here.
President will take his chair in central hall, and after the oath ceremony of Kovind, chairs exchange will be here. The new President, Ram Nath Kovind will take Pranab Mukherjee's place.
After taking oath, Mr Pranab Mukherjee with Mr Kovind will get the lift by car up to a home where he will reside after leaving president house.
Mr Pranab Mukherjee, after being president, had left former president Pratibha Singh Patil up to her residence in this way.
Mr Ram Nath Kovind had the need of 5, 52,243 votes to be the president, while he secured to win 7, 02,044 of the 10, 98,903 votes.
The opposition presidential candidate Meira Kumar had secured 3, 67, 314 votes for President post.

The PM Modi hosted a dinner party in the respect of President Pranab Mukherjee at Hyderabad house in Delhi on Saturday night where he gave a memento.

Friday, July 21, 2017

India's 14th President -- Saffron!

By on Friday, July 21, 2017
Ram Nath Kovind will be next President of India. The renown figure is the origin of a district name Kanpur 100 kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh (North-West province). Mr Kovind was born in a poor family at Derapur village on 1st October 1945. India was under the dominion of British Government and then being Dalit was reckoned 'a curse' in the community during the rule. Kovind’s childhood was under scarcity, but Kovind piercing all the trouble is on the verge where his pen will carve the fate of India. His native land is also itself on the page of history.
 Serving RSS he will be the first President. He faced many turning points in his political journey. He played many roles. He worked as a social worker, an advocate, an MP of upper house; but if we see the back drop history, we find him very gentleman.
Ram Nath Kovind left his rival candidate, Meira Kumar, behind in votes count. he had already left many other rivals behind on his way. He first defeated this poverty of his village. He used to go on foot his school 6 kilometer away daily and then come back on bare foot.

The friends where they have proud over intelligence of Kovind, they are much faithful over his generosity. Kovind became a famous advocate fighting with poverty. he was appointed governor of Bihar, but he has nothing in the name of property. He had a home which he had donated to the villagers.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Murder case of girl in Himachal Pradesh assigned to CBI; main accused murdered in jail

By on Thursday, July 20, 2017



The arrested chief accused of Gudiya’s murder and gang-rape case has been murdered in Shimla jail, the incident has created sensation across Himanchal Pradesh. IG law and order has confirmed 29 years old's death origin of Nepal. The incident of murder has been executed late Tuesday night around 12 O’clock. The matter -- gang-rape, murder and then accused murder -- has been a cause of resentment.
According to the information, more than 4000 people of 24 Panchayats on Tuesday demonstrated to get justice for Gudiya in Gumma town. the irked crowd staged protest at Thiyoghatkoti national highway. the sabotage incident has been reported; one vehicle was damaged; the SDM Tasi Sandoop was shut down by the people into the room. The police fled from the spot seeing aggressive people.
An appeal for the fast hearing in the High Court has been filed by the state government in this connection. Admitted the plea court decided the next hearing on Wednesday. The bench of working CJI, Sanjay Karol, will hear this case. Gudiya’s father said he didn’t desire the compensation; mere justice for his daughter what he wants.
The matter is of police who are alleged of saving the real accused in this case. Father said the innocents must not be framed in this case. The CBI has been assigned the case. How the CBI handle the case is awaited? The people were in aggression during the demonstration. The police had transited safely SDM from the demonstration spot to a hotel. the incident is not first which bears allegation of saving the real accused; but it recalls the incident of Dharmshala Degree College where a girl was forcefully abducted in 2015; gang-raped; then thrown in moribund condition at a side of the road . many high profile persons’ kin were involved, so the case was not surfaced.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Story behind murder and gang-rape half-baked

By on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

 People of Himachal Pradesh demand CBI investigation

Six alleged accused have been arrested in the case of murder and gang-rape of a 19 years old girl, Gudiya, near Kotkhai in Simla. it is a shocking and sensational news in Himanchal Pradesh where people are not satisfied with the police theory which they told to the locals; consequently they are demanding the CBI investigation in this connection.
DGP Goel, talking to Media, told, “ 19 to 42 years age accused are involved in this case.”  He added, “Police has arrested all the accused from Kotkhai, Shimla. Six accused are identified as Ashish Chauhan(29), resident of Kotkhai, Rajendra Singh Alias Raju(32), Subhash(42), both the resident of Gadhwal and Deepak(38), Suraj (29), both the resident of Nepal and Lokjan Alias Chhotu (19).”  
DGP told that Police has strong evidence against accused. The accused have also confessed their offence. The inquiry is continue to unearth the close facts of crime scene. SIT has solved this case in much better way. Reacting with the media, SIT Chief Zahoor Zaidi was also present there.
Accused Rajendra Alias Raju along with his friends Ashish and Subhash were going somewhere with their spray machine on 4th July this month. Meanwhile he looked Gudiya, student of 10th standard; stopped the vehicle and asked her a lift for home. Gudiya was new for the town; and in May this year, she had taken admission in School. Gudiya knew Raju; consequently she easily sat in the vehicle. Actually Raju used to transport school children often, which is why she didn’t, had any doubt over him.
Raju and his friends were inebriated condition, according to Police. Meanwhile they had malevolent eyes on her; suddenly they stopped the vehicle amid the Jungle pretending to unload the stuff. After that they had gang-raped this innocent girl. Accused then called to 3 more friends on the spot, and brutally killed Gudiya -- thrown her body in Jungle. During gang-rape, these evil persons had crossed all the limit of demons.
Actually they had thrown her body in the spines bush after the gang-rape. Many marks of spines on her back were found. The tooth bite‘s marks on 3 places on her bodies were found. All the accused had raped her one-by-one. They gagged her mouth with the hands during the rape, which resulted in her death. it is doubtful that the accused raped with the body after the death of Gudiya. They threw her in nude condition on the spot and fled from the scene.
An accused who do knew about the incident, but was not engage in this crime, through him SIT could manage to reach up to all the accused of this blind case. the police have no perfect clarification of many questions of this case; no matter they have solved and have arrested six accused in this case.
  • If Gudiya had been killed on 4th July, how did her body remain save in this carnivorous-animals majority area till 6th July?
  • If her body was lying there from two days back, how her whole body including the hands and legs, was absolutely clean?
  • If her clothes were beside the body, how was it lying exactly fine there despite being rained? The cloths were not affected after the rain and torrent, why?
  • Gudiya’s hands were blank with the mud, why did her fist empty because of wriggling during gang-rape?
  •  In reality, after executing such incident, the accused should have left the areas, but the accused did not absconded in this case.
  •  Two Nepali men who have been arrested are the resident of 200 meter distance away from the incident spot. The question is that if they had executed this incident, why would have thrown the body near their homes?

 Anyway the exposed case looks some foul play. The people are adamant on social media for the CBI investigation in this case and are demanding to hang the culprits. a campaign is continue on social media for the purpose of justice to Gudiya. The incident has created uproar in Himanchal Pradesh. The peoples are on road for the demand of justice.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why throb Rajputs' heart for Anandpal?

By on Sunday, July 16, 2017
The most wanted gangster, Anandpal Singh, had had maintained a vulnerability over the police. Now the police are facing the family and supporters' outrage aggression after being killed in encounter. the Anandpal encounter heat is affecting the CM Vasundhara Raje and union home minister, Rajnath Singh.
Anand pal is still a headache to the government after his death. Anand pal is still a headache to the government after his death. The rajput community is on the road for protest and violence for him. More than 50 thousand people are staging orgy on the road. The people who are on the road like him as Robin hood.
Anandpal, the synonym of terror in Rajsthan, is targeting police even after being killed by police. Anandpal had targeted many policemen by his bullets during his life. Now the Rajsthan government is trouble. the leaving the politics emerged as a criminal  now is being well played politics over his death.
That the family has not performed last rites so far is abiding time since last 3 weeks. the body is still in freezers. the politics has intense over Anandpal’s encounter. The family and Rajput are incessantly accusing over the Raje's government for conspiracy and shouting the encounter ‘fake!’
Rajput Karni community has said that first, a conspiracy against Anandpal was hatched; he was gunned down in a fake encounter; now the government is targeting those who have the intention for providing the justice to the family. this face of politics is not the part which is up to Rajput, but the congress has targeted to the Raje’sgovernment.
Congress has said that the government should allow the CBI investigation to prove its innocence.
  • police had gunned down Anandpal between the midnight of 24 th june last months.
  • Anand Pal was tracked on a tip-off given to the police by his henchmen, Gattu alias Devendra.
  • he was arrested with Rupesh alias Vicky, brother of Anand Pal.
  • after receiving the information, policemen besieged Anandpal. he made women's shield to save himself.
  • he had fired the bullets over the policemen more than 100 rounds.
  • in retaliatory action, he was gunned down in police firing eventually and 6 bullets embedded his body.
  • police officer Suryaveer Singh and constable Sohan Singh was injured during encounter.

The theory which narrated police is not believable to Anandpal family, so the family has not performed the funeral of Anandpal so far. Police have the suspicion that many criminals have reached to express their grief for Anandpal killing in encounter, and they are the men activating the violence in the back of condolence.
A gangster after the encounter killing is still under controversies; the kin and his communities’ people are demanding the CBI investigation assuming it a fake encounter.
The communities and the next kin say their suspicion.
When Anand Pal was absconded; even his henchman was somewhere else, how would the police receive information of Anand Pal presence?
As Anand Pal was continue on firing by AK-47 and he had cartridges in his possession, how did the police reached near Anand Pal?
Police story reveals that police, seeing mirror image, had fired over Anand Pal. but how had police managed to target it in the dark night?
How had the police risen up the mirror in the surrounded home amid fierce encounter?
The some big foul play has been suspected over the injured policemen who belong to Anand Pal caste.
How did policemen mere injure despite after the cartridges of AK-47 had pierced in the body?
the state home minister and IG were unaware of the encounter which was carried out more than 4 hours.
the people who have resentment over Anandpal encounter reckon him Robin Hood; while in police record he was so hardcore gangster that the court had to  announce him 6 time absconders. One and half year ago he had escaped from the police detention. Thousands of policemen were searching.
Anandpal, a law graduate, was aware of laws and was able to speak fluent English. He was much handsome when he wore spectacles, bright coat with a hat; and lived as domineering man in the escort of policemen. He had told the accusation were framed over him; conspired by politician.
He had stepped in the crime world after the year 2006 when he was defeated in Panchayat election by 2 votes from his rival Harjeera Burdick’s son,a former state minister.
  • He gunned down Jeevanram Godara in Didwana at Rajasthan in the year 2006.
  • 13 cases except Godara’s murder were registered against Anandpal in Didwana
  • 24 cases of like murder, gang war, dacoity and loot had been registered against Anandpal..
  • Anandpal had been declared absconder by court in 8 case of these.
  • he had worked with Siker’s lady don, Anuradha Chaudhri.
  • Anand Pal had executed Gopal Fogawat murder, Sikar murder case.
  • he had fired in the rush hour at Bhojlai in Sujangarh cross road, which injured 3 person in year 2011.
  • more than 100 miscreants were in the gang of Anandpal.
  • he had escaped from police detention returning from Didwana court appearance on September 3, 2015.
  • Anandpal was endangering 21 high profile people's lives – ministers, MLAs and officers of Rajasthan.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

FIR registered against Rupa Ganguly

By on Saturday, July 15, 2017
"less time need to the Bengal going women to be victim of rape..." condemned all parties.

Rupa Ganguly, Droupadi of Mahabharat serial and BJP MP, is on TMC's target for her comments over the women’s rape in West Bengal. A case by woman’s complaint has been lodged against Rupa Ganguly in the district 24 North Pargana.
The case under section IPC 505 and 506 has been registered in Nimta police station on a woman’s complaint, according to reports. Police is investigating the matter. The leaders of opposition have condemned her statement very much.
It is to tell, Rupa Ganguly had said, “I am to say to all the parties and people, who support to Mamta government, let their daughters and daughter-in-laws send Bengal without support of Mamta – and if these come back without raped, I shall reckon it.”
Round-up Rupa Ganguly over her controversial statement is still stand with her view despite being condemned. On Saturday in her fresh statement she said, “Actually 15 days are more -- less time need to the Bengal going women to be victim of rape.”

The BJP leaders were seen to save her after Rupa Ganguli’s statement. Rahul Sinha,BJP leader, said, “The people must reckon feelings instead going over the words meaning. Whatever Rupa said is not wrong. The women’s position in the state is bad."

Monday, July 10, 2017

Testa Setalwad faces trial of Corruption in NGO and body exhuming case

By on Monday, July 10, 2017
Testa Setalwad has been shocked by Supreme Court decision on Monday. She and her husband Javed Anand have been denied to allow the relief in the case of misappropriation of money to help the victims of Gujrat Riots.
 According to Media, Justice Deepak Mishra and Justice AM Khanvilker bench, hearing the writ petition, have said that the charge sheet against them had been filed in this case, thus both of them will have to face the lower court trial.
 Testa Shetalwad and her husband both had requested in the plea to the apex Court to remove the imposed ban over the bank accounts of Sabrang Trust and Citizen for Justice and Peace.
Testa Shetalwad and her Husband have also got no relief from High Court of Gujrat in the case of exhuming the buried dead body in 2005.
hearing the writ petition the court on the request to quash the FIR in this case has said that they will have to face the trial.
The matter is linked to the exhumed body of 28 unidentified victims of Gujrat riots in the district Panchmahal by their NGO Citizen For Justice And Peace.
This action was done in the leadership of then coordinator Mr. Rais Khan. Later Rais Khan has said that he has exhumed the dead body from cemetery on the order of Testa Shetalwad.

Testa Shetalwad named in this case has been included in FIR as 'absconded accused' at Lunawada Police Station district Gujrat in 2011. Testa Shetalwad challenged it in Gujrat High Court. She had argued that Police had framed her in this case instead of making her a witness.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Qualified Candidates demand to call for interview

By on Saturday, July 01, 2017

Sir Chief Minister(UP),
     Subordinate Service Selection Commission Lucknow has withheld without notice to, and any base of, the interview for the posts of Gram Vikas Adhikari, Junior Assistant and accountant. This has created a fear among 30000 candidates, and these candidates look their career prospects towards a dead end.
The candidates have qualified the written competitive exam and are at their final ride. The most of the candidates are the sons of peasants, unemployed and down-trodens parents.
The candidates have qualified the written competitive exam and are at their final ride. The most of the candidates are the sons of peasants, unemployed and downtrodens.
These poor candidates prepare their competitive exam by hard work, taking room on rent in Allahabad and Lucknow and face different sustenance under penance. It is very difficult to the candidates — if not begins the interview early.
                                                                                                yours faithfully