India means for me – Indira Gandhi: Mehbooba Mufti

Mehbooba Mufti,CM of J&K, has warned for any alteration in the article 35(A) of Indian constitution on Friday, which is being argued in the Apex court. This constitutional article confers the power to the state assembly to provide the privilege and to define the permanent residents. Mehbooba defending the power of article said: any alteration of this article will give bad consequence and this will mean that none will be able to save Indian national flag in Jammu and Kashmir.
She has added that this will endanger the activists and the workers of NC and PDP like state level main stream parties, who rigidly stand to hoist the national flag in Kashmir.
PDP president in Kashmir during a programe said that any type of alteration will not be accepted in the article. Absolutely here is no hesitation to say that, if article is deleted, none will touch National flag's body in Kashmir – I clarify it here.
The article 35(A) has been challenged to its legal base in the Apex court by an NGO, named “We the citizen”. This article never came in the parliament house and it was implemented by the President order, the petition said. The conferred powers to then president, Dr Rajendra Prasad, under article 370 exercised his power to enact ‘ the constitution order 1954 ( Application for J&K)’ this provision.
Mehbooba Mufti praised PM Modi’s leadership, but she has said that she has the meaning of India – Indira Gandhi! She said during a programme relating Kashmir in National capital that, as is being shown about India in prime time at television, she is disappointed because it deeps the ditch between India and Kashmir. She said she does not know such India that is being shown in the 'aggressive television discussion'.
The CM said that I am sad saying so, that the television anchors show, which image of India, is not about to India... which India I know is not for that. She said pointing towards (RSS) disliking of Nehru-Gandhi family, “India means for me – Indira Gandhi. As I was growing, they led India for me. May be some people do not like — but she was India."
Mehbooba said, “I want to see that India which has a groan and feels pain of Kashmir; that India which hug us on our conditions. We are differ in other state which has much diversity in everything and religion. Kashmir is a small India in India. The CM has expressed her hope to PM Modi that PM will solve the issue of J&K."
She said, “It seems me that PM Modi is a personality of this hour. He may be the personality of history and his leadership is a property which needs to be exploited — and to work together, there should be way of solution for Kashmir to be out from crises.”

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