India's 14th President -- Saffron!

Ram Nath Kovind will be next President of India. The renown figure is the origin of a district name Kanpur 100 kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh (North-West province). Mr Kovind was born in a poor family at Derapur village on 1st October 1945. India was under the dominion of British Government and then being Dalit was reckoned 'a curse' in the community during the rule. Kovind’s childhood was under scarcity, but Kovind piercing all the trouble is on the verge where his pen will carve the fate of India. His native land is also itself on the page of history.
 Serving RSS he will be the first President. He faced many turning points in his political journey. He played many roles. He worked as a social worker, an advocate, an MP of upper house; but if we see the back drop history, we find him very gentleman.
Ram Nath Kovind left his rival candidate, Meira Kumar, behind in votes count. he had already left many other rivals behind on his way. He first defeated this poverty of his village. He used to go on foot his school 6 kilometer away daily and then come back on bare foot.

The friends where they have proud over intelligence of Kovind, they are much faithful over his generosity. Kovind became a famous advocate fighting with poverty. he was appointed governor of Bihar, but he has nothing in the name of property. He had a home which he had donated to the villagers.

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