Panama Paper Leak Case cut Nawaz Sharif's tenure short; his younger brother to be next PM of Pak

Pakistani PM Nawaj Sharif has lost his post after being dubbed culprit of 'Panama paper leak' matter. Shahbaj Shariff, younger brother of Nawaj, will be next Pakistani PM. Nawaj Shariff’s party Pakistani Muslim League after its high level meeting has decided to make Shahbaj PM. The hierarchy of party has announced this. However Shahbaj is not the MP of Pakistani lower house, in the wake of this he cannot be immediate PM of Pakistan. Someone else will be the PM for next 45 days and a meeting is to be held in Islamabad for this purpose on Saturday.
Pakistan Supreme Court has stood culprit PM Nawaz Sharif in Panama paper leak case; consequently he cannot hold the PM post. it is noticeable that joint investigation team had been constituted by Pak SC in Panama Paper Leak case on 20 April 2017, which submitted its 7 week long investigation report before supreme court on 10 th july. JIT quizzed 8 family members including Nawaj Sharif during these 7 week.
7May 2017: JIT called journalist Umar Chima and Tarik Shafi, owner of Hudaibia Paper Mill.
19 May 2017: JIT summoned Hammad-bin-Jasim al-thani, prince of Qutar to appear on 25 May. However he did not appear in person before JIT, but he sent his respond in writing, appealing it to be considered his statement.
22 May 2017; JIT submitted its first 15 days investigating process report to SC after JIT’s forming. JIT included even all the allegations which were said over it.
28 May 2017: Hussain Nawaj appeared before JIT first time. Hussain Nawaj appeared before JIT 6 times only and he was quizzed only 30 hours during these days.
2JUNE 2017: Hasan Nawaj appeared before JIT first time. Hassan Nawj appeared second chance on June 8 th after it. JIT only inquired Hasan Nawaj only 12 hours.
8-14 june 2017: JIT summoned to PM Nawaj Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, ShahBaj Sharif, and PM’s son in law, captain Safdar on next week to appear for inquiry.
15 June 2017: PM Nawaj Sharif appeared first time before JIT and JIT quizzed him for 3 hours.

17th June 2017: chief minister of Punjab, Mohd Shahbaj Sharif, appeared before JIT which quizzed him 3.5 hours.

5 July 2017: Maryam Nawaj, daughter of Nawaj Sharif appeared before JIT and she was quizzed till 2 hours.

10 July 2017: JIT submitted its final report to 3 members execution bench of Supreme Court.

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