President Pranab Mukherjee Addressed to Nation

In the last message of his tenure, President, Pranab Mukherjee repeated the mahatma’s dream of seeing india as the inclusive nation and said: we shall have to empower the poorest men. he congratulated next president and wished the bright future of country.
I have no preach
The development is possible only by equality; respect is the need to every class and religions.
Violence free society is India’s interest
Maintain India’s plurality
The thought of others cannot be dishonored
Higher institution will have to upgrade on global level.
The interruptions in the education system will have to accept
The universities should not be the place of learning
Mental freedom is the need to enhance
Gandhi JI looked India as inclusive nation.
The poorest of the poor will have to empower
Healthy and happiest life is the right of every citizen
The aim of happiness is continuous development
The eradication of poverty will bring absolute happiness

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