Story behind murder and gang-rape half-baked

 People of Himachal Pradesh demand CBI investigation

Six alleged accused have been arrested in the case of murder and gang-rape of a 19 years old girl, Gudiya, near Kotkhai in Simla. it is a shocking and sensational news in Himanchal Pradesh where people are not satisfied with the police theory which they told to the locals; consequently they are demanding the CBI investigation in this connection.
DGP Goel, talking to Media, told, “ 19 to 42 years age accused are involved in this case.”  He added, “Police has arrested all the accused from Kotkhai, Shimla. Six accused are identified as Ashish Chauhan(29), resident of Kotkhai, Rajendra Singh Alias Raju(32), Subhash(42), both the resident of Gadhwal and Deepak(38), Suraj (29), both the resident of Nepal and Lokjan Alias Chhotu (19).”  
DGP told that Police has strong evidence against accused. The accused have also confessed their offence. The inquiry is continue to unearth the close facts of crime scene. SIT has solved this case in much better way. Reacting with the media, SIT Chief Zahoor Zaidi was also present there.
Accused Rajendra Alias Raju along with his friends Ashish and Subhash were going somewhere with their spray machine on 4th July this month. Meanwhile he looked Gudiya, student of 10th standard; stopped the vehicle and asked her a lift for home. Gudiya was new for the town; and in May this year, she had taken admission in School. Gudiya knew Raju; consequently she easily sat in the vehicle. Actually Raju used to transport school children often, which is why she didn’t, had any doubt over him.
Raju and his friends were inebriated condition, according to Police. Meanwhile they had malevolent eyes on her; suddenly they stopped the vehicle amid the Jungle pretending to unload the stuff. After that they had gang-raped this innocent girl. Accused then called to 3 more friends on the spot, and brutally killed Gudiya -- thrown her body in Jungle. During gang-rape, these evil persons had crossed all the limit of demons.
Actually they had thrown her body in the spines bush after the gang-rape. Many marks of spines on her back were found. The tooth bite‘s marks on 3 places on her bodies were found. All the accused had raped her one-by-one. They gagged her mouth with the hands during the rape, which resulted in her death. it is doubtful that the accused raped with the body after the death of Gudiya. They threw her in nude condition on the spot and fled from the scene.
An accused who do knew about the incident, but was not engage in this crime, through him SIT could manage to reach up to all the accused of this blind case. the police have no perfect clarification of many questions of this case; no matter they have solved and have arrested six accused in this case.
  • If Gudiya had been killed on 4th July, how did her body remain save in this carnivorous-animals majority area till 6th July?
  • If her body was lying there from two days back, how her whole body including the hands and legs, was absolutely clean?
  • If her clothes were beside the body, how was it lying exactly fine there despite being rained? The cloths were not affected after the rain and torrent, why?
  • Gudiya’s hands were blank with the mud, why did her fist empty because of wriggling during gang-rape?
  •  In reality, after executing such incident, the accused should have left the areas, but the accused did not absconded in this case.
  •  Two Nepali men who have been arrested are the resident of 200 meter distance away from the incident spot. The question is that if they had executed this incident, why would have thrown the body near their homes?

 Anyway the exposed case looks some foul play. The people are adamant on social media for the CBI investigation in this case and are demanding to hang the culprits. a campaign is continue on social media for the purpose of justice to Gudiya. The incident has created uproar in Himanchal Pradesh. The peoples are on road for the demand of justice.

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